Winn Dixie

Week 2 Case Study 1. I do believe Oiler’s employee rights were violated. Oiler had driven his truck for Winn-Dixie for over twenty years. His seniority speaks for itself. Not only was he a loyal employee, but also he did his work well. Nobody ever complained about his work and everyone seemed to enjoy his company. The only way his rights wouldn’t have been violated is if there was sufficient evidence that his off-the-job behavior was affecting his productivity in a negative way. Any employee would get fired for negative productivity.

They failed to see the “human” element in the equation. They labeled Oiler as a “transgender” and refused to protect a “transgender” employee’s rights. With that being said, not only did they disrespect the LGBT community, but also took away his rights as an American, completely unethical and unconstitutional. Winn-Dixie was concerned with the public image of their company, and instead created a huge controversy in their community. Ironically, their reputation was harmed after all. 2.

As I’ve mentioned above, I think this case had a huge impact on the reputation of the company. I believe the community saw the company differently. They gained a discriminating vibe. The workers seemed restless worried if their off-the-job behaviors would affect their stance as an employee. I’m a firm believer in keeping work life and personal life separate. Being punished for what you do off the clock is backwards thinking. If you’re good at your job, you should be able to keep it.