Wild Wild West

The task my group was given was to perform a movement piece representing a storyline typical of the Wild West along to the song “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith. We could use movement in any way we chose e.g. dance or mime, so we decided to use a mixture of all techniques.

Working as a group we all tried to let everybody have an input to the performance and ended up using the best of everybody’s ideas. One of the suggestions I had that the group introduced to the performance was the idea of a split stage at the beginning of the piece. This showed the sheriff riding into town on his horse and tying him up outside the bar. Not only adding time onto the performance, which is initially why we included it, it gave the audience more an idea of what kind of character Dylan Parker the sheriff was.

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The performance starts off with Bert the barman cleaning glasses and Molly the owner of the bar wiping down tables. In comes Rye, the local drunk, staggering about the stage, eventually slumping down on a bar stool. His face is all twisted and he attempts to get a drink. The character Molly is very strict as she holds her hands on her hips and orders Rye to leave with a forceful look, wagging her finger. Lonely look, the gambler, sits in the corner of the bar at a table with a drink and a pack of cards. He looks very relaxed in his hassle-free zone, as if he’s not bothered by any of the nearby action. Swaggering at a steady pace and chewing on tobacco Dylan Parker, the sheriff, comes into the bar pushing back the swing doors effortlessly, showing that he considers himself to be rather important. He swoops away from Molly’s kiss in a disrespectful, cheeky manner as if looking down on her. He then sits beside Lonely Luke and Begins a game of cards. Dylan Parker is challenged by Molly to a gun fight. Struggling with the two gunmen Lonely Luke and Bert get shot. Admiring their work Molly and Dylan Parker smile at each other and leave the bar arm in arm. To add a bit of humour to this ending, we then brought Rye back and he begins having conversations with the dead corpses.