Usful English Phrases

BUSINESS LETTERS When replying to a letter • Thank you for your letter of concerning [subject]. • In reply to your letter of I wish to inform you that … • Thank you very much for your letter in which you asked about … When writing from your own initiative • I am writing to inform you that … • I am pleased to notify you that … • I wish to inform you that … • I would be grateful if you could send me some information about … When giving good/bad information • I am pleased to inform you that … • It gives me great pleasure to inform you that … • I regret to inform you that … It is with great regret that I have to write to you about … When apologizing for a delay in answering a letter • I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your letter of but … • Please accept my apologies for the delay in answering your letter … • Please forgive the delay in replying but my only excuse is … Concluding lines • I am looking forward to hearing from you. • I would appreciate a prompt reply. • I will be grateful if you could reply as soon as possible. Introducing your firm • We are a major exporter/importer of [name of the product] and are interested in expanding our business in [country] As you may already be aware, [name of the company] is a trading company based in [place]. We specialize in [activity]. • For over ten years we have manufactured and exported [name of the product] to many countries. As we are expanding our business we are interested in establishing trade contracts with you. • We are Polish producer of [name of the product] located close to [place]. Presenting goods/services • the high quality of our goods is well known • we feel that our products will find customers in your country • if you are not satisfied with [the name of the product] you can return it undamaged in its original packing

Suggesting an action • if you are interested, we would be pleased to discuss these matters personally • should you require any further details, do not hesitate to contact us • we would be glad if you could inform us wheter you are interested in our offer Giving the source of information about the job • I am writing in response to your advertisement for [job] which appeared in [name of the paper] • I am interested in the post of [job] advertised recently in [name of the paper] • With reference to your advertisement of published in [name of the paper] I wish to apply for the job of [job]

Stating your qualifications • I am enclosing my CV and would be happy to supply any further details you might require • For the last three years I have been working for [name of the company] a firm with extensive business connections • My academic qualifications meet your requirements but unfortunately I have no professional experience at all as I have just completed my studies at [name of school] • I have completed a one-year course in office management including information processing • My work at [name of the company] involved training of personnel In May I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science from [name of University]. My overall point average is 4. 35. in my degree program I have studied [name of the subject] Giving reasons for wanting the job • I have always wanted to get job with a firm which [description] • I would like to take a position which would give me more responsibility and allow me to show personal initiative Additional information stressing the applicant’s strong points • I am hardworking person and willing to work • I am self-motivated and require little or no supervision • I am willing to work to the best of my abilities to achieve my goal

Concluding line • I hope I may be given the opportunity of an interview • I will be grateful for the opportunity of an interview • I would be most grateful if you would consider my application • I would welcome any opportunity to talk with your further about [name of the job] position • I can be reached by phone between 6pm and 10pm on [number of the telephone] References • It is with great pleasure that I support the application of [name] for the post of [post] • I have no hesitation in supporting his/her application • [Name] contribution to the company has been much appreciated

Inviting people • We are pleased to extend a formal invitation for you to visit • We have pleasure in inviting you to the meeting [place] • On behalf of the [name] we would like to invite you to [name of the event] • I am writing to invite you for a few-day visit in [place] Request for confirmation of the invitation • We would be glad if you would confirm your attendance • We would be grateful if you could inform us whether you are planning to visit us • The final date of the visit will be fixed after receiving your confirmation Proposal to pay a visit I would like to visit your company and have a discussion on [subject] • Mr Simpson, our Sales Representative, would like to come to Warsaw to discuss [subject] • As there are many urgent issues to be discussed we suggest sending our representative to your firm as soon as possible Accepting an invitation • Thank you for your invitation which I accept with great pleasure • I was pleased to get your letter inviting me to [place]. I accept your invitation with thanks Accepting a proposal to pay a visit • Thank you for your letter suggesting a visit of your representative. We will be happy to receive him We are glad to hear that you will be visiting Poland . We will be grateful if you could find time and call on us Refusal to pay a visit • Thank you for your letter inviting me to visit your firm. Unfortunately I am not able to accept your invitation due to previous arrangements which I cannot change Postponing a visit • I am sorry to inform you that due to the reorganization in our company I have to postpone my visit for a week. Sorry for the inconvenience. • Following the telephone conversation I confirm that my proposed visit to [place] will have to be postponed. Please accept my apologies.

Arranging a visit • I confirm my arrival in [place] on at [time] • I will arrive in [place] on but at present I cannot give you any details of my arrival time • Will you, please, book me a room at a hotel for the nights • I will be grateful if you could arrange accommodation at a reasonably priced hotel for two persons • I am coming by car and expect to be n [place] late evening. Don’t bother to wait for me. I’ll manage. Thanks for hospitality • I would like to thank you for your excellent hospitality • Thank you very much for the hospitality extended to me during my stay in [place] I am extremely grateful for your hospitality and all the help given to us all Enquiries – opening lines • Could you please send us an offer for the purchase of [name of the product] • We want to import bigger quantities of [name of the products] and would like to get some information whether you could supply us with a wide range of [name of specific products] • We have seen your advertisement in [ name of the paper] and are interested in [name of the product] you export • We have been informed that you are the sole exporter of [name of the product] and we would be pleased to get some information about your conditions of sale Your name was given to us by [name of the person or firm] who advised us to get in touch with you regarding the purchase of [name of the product] Request for catalogues, price lists, terms • Please send us your catalogues and price lists for [name of the product] • Please let us know whether you are able to supply [name of the product] • Inform us please of the terms on which you are prepared to supply [name of the product] • We would like to know if you allow a discount for regular purchases of large quantities Requirements concerning the date of delivery • Immediate delivery is essential We would like to know what your earliest delivery dates are • Inform us if you would be able to deliver within 5 weeks of receipt of order • We would require the goods by May 1 at the latest Concluding lines • If you give us a really competitive quotation we may consider placing a substantial order with you • If your prices are competitive we are ready to place regular orders • We hope that you will submit an offer at your most favourable terms • If your goods meet our requirements we will continue placing orders with you Confirmation of the receipt of the enquiry • Thank you for your enquiry of about [name of the product] We are pleased to receive your enquiry about [name of the product] • Confirming our telephone conversation we are pleased to submit a quotation for [name of the product] Information about goods • We inform you that we can supply the goods in quantities you require • These goods are available immediately from stock • We regret that we are unable to offer [name of the product] but we are enclosing [name of the product] that we can deliver in the quantities required Prices and terms of payment • Our price list is enclosed with this letter, together with details of our trade terms The prices quoted for quantities not smaller than 500 pieces • We allow a special discount of 2. 5 per cent for settlement within 10 day from the date of invoice Conditions of sale • Please note that our offer is valid for [time] only • The goods can be delivered within [time] of receipt of your order • We are ready to supply [name of the product] from stock if we get your order • We cannot promise delivery before unless your order reaches us within [time] • Orders are generally shipped within ten to fourteen working days after the dispatch • Please note that customs may delay delivery

Concluding lines • We hope that you will find our terms competitive • We are sure that our goods will meet your approval • If you find our terms satisfactory, please let us have your order at an early date, as supplies are limited • We are looking forward to receiving your order which will have our immediate attention Information about placing an order • We have pleasure in sending you an order for [name of the product] • Thank you for your offer of which we accept on the terms quoted and are sending you our order for [name of the product] • Thank you very much for your offer.

The prices quoted in your letter of are satisfactory and we have decided to place an order for [name of the product] Confirming the price and terms of payment • We agree to your price, but we should like to know if you are prepared to grant us a discount of 5 per cent for a quantity of 5 tons • Inform us, please if you are able to make the terms more favourable • If you could reduce the price we would be ready to place an order for bigger quantities Requirements concerning delivery dates • We would be obliged if you could arrange for shipment [time] It is essential for us to get the goods before • Please confirm that you will deliver the goods as agreed in the contract Confirming the delivery dates • You may be sure that delivery will be effected within your time limit • We can assure you that the machines will be ready for shipment by Replies to request for price reduction and discount • We are accepting your order at the prices quoted in your letter, but cannot guarantee the same price in the future • We regret to inform that we cannot allow a higher discount as requested Rejecting an order We are sorry to reject your order but we are not able to promise delivery before • We regret but we cannot accept your order at the price requested • We are unable to confirm your order as production of this model has been discontinued Concluding lines • We hope to receive further orders from you • We are sure that our goods will meet with your approval and you will continue doing business with us • We will be pleased to receive your further orders which will have our most careful attention • As soon as we hear from the producer we will get in touch with you Advice of dispatch of goods You order was dispatched on by [transport] and you should receive the goods within [number of days] • In reply to your message of we give you the details of shipment of [name of the products] Advice of delay in dispatch of goods • We regret to inform you that slight delay in execution of your order may follow • We regret to inform you that we are forced to hold up the dispatch of goods until our invoices [number] have been paid Advice of payment arrangements • The enclosed invoice is due for settlement on • The amount of the invoice will be charged to the account In settlement of your invoice we have transferred [the amount] to the [name of the bank] First application of payment • We refer to our statement of and want to remind you that [the amount] is now overdue • Our quarterly statement was sent to you on , but we have received no advice of payment yet Second application for payment • We regret to inform you that we have not received any reply to our letter of requesting the payment of [amount] • We regret to inform you that we have to hold your order until we receive and advice from the bank that payment has been made Third application for payment We regret that our repeated applications for settlement of the overdue amount have been disregarder by you • In such situation we have no choice but to take immediate legal action Bad quality of the goods / goods missing from the delivery / delays in dispatch of goods • We are placing the quality claim for the goods specified below • The goods you delivered do not meet the specification outline in the contract • We regret to inform you that 5 of the machines delivered last week are faulty • We have received [name of the product] as ordered but you have not sent us the spare parts as it was agrees in the contract You have delivered [quantity and name of the product] instead of [quantity] pieces ordered • We are sorry to inform you that there is a discrepancy between the packing list and your invoice • We are still awaiting the advice of dispatch of goods • We have not received any shipping news from the forwarding company. Please e-mail what the position is Suggestions how to adjust a claim • We propose to decrease the value of this claim from the value of the next delivery • It would be appreciated if you would check this problem with the warehouse Will you please look into this matter and let us have your reply as soon as possible Acknowledging the receipt of claim • We have received your claim concerning [no. of delivery] • We regret to learn that [describe what went wrong] • In reply to your claim of concerning [nature of the claim] we want to explain that [reason] The solution suggested • We inform that we have already dispatched the missing goods • We want to assure you that next consignment will be carefully checked • We have passed your claim to the producers and we will contact you as soon as we hear from them We agree to pay for the missing quantity of your claim. The amount will be deducted from the value of the next delivery Refusing the claim • Your claim cannot be accepted because it has not been submitted in accordance with the terms of the contract • We cannot accept your claim because it was not lodged in the required 14 day’s time • I am afraid we cannot accept your claim that [nature of the claim] Closing lines • We apologise sincerely for the trouble caused • Please accept our apologies for this unfortunate incident • We regret the inconvenience you have been caused