To see what temperature is the best for cleaning tea stained cloth. I am going to use a Safeway, biological washing powder

My prediction is the hotter the temperature the cleaner the cloth gets, because the hotter it gets the more energy it has and it is able to move around more.


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I will keep the test fair by using the same washing powder, the same amount of water, and timing it.

I am going to put 50 ml of 40 c in a beaker with 3 mm of washing powder with one piece of tea stained cloth in each. Then I am going to put each of the beakers into a water bath of different temperatures. I am going to leave them in the bath for ten minutes. While they are in the bath I am going to stir them. For this experiment I will need five pieces of tea stained cloth, five lots of 3mm of washing powder, five beakers, one thermometer, a water bath, a clock and a stirring rod.

Here is a diagram of the equipment:





35 c

5 mins


4o c

5 mins

Not very clean

45 c

5 mins

A little cleaner then 40 c

50 c

5 mins


55 c

5 mins

2nd cleanest

I think my results are wrong because the normal temperature for biological washing powder is 40 c, but as you can see in the results table 40 c wasn’t very clean.

If my results are right then only two is wrong, which is 50 c and 55 c, because if it is the higher the temperature the cleaner it gets then 5o c and 55 c should be the other way around.


To get more accurate results I would do the experiment at least twice. If I did the experiment again I would do the whole thing different e.g. I would put the tea stained cloth into a beaker with different temperatures and just leave them for ten minutes. To improve my experiment I would do a light test at the end to see how clean the cloth was. The light test would work by washing the cloth then putting a torch e.c.t. behind the it, the more the that comes through the cleaner it is. I would also go up 10 c instead of 5 c that way there should be more of a change in cleanness. I would also make it fair by doing the experiment all at the same time and on the same day.