The Events In America

On Tueday11th September 2001, the two twin world trade centers where struck down by two suicide hijacked passenger planes, which took off in Boston, killing thousands of workers just arriving at work. A third plane was hijacked and was flown directly into the Pentagon killing approximately 800 people. The American Army took out a forth plane which was believed to be heading strait for Camp David. Each of the four planes where believed to have at least 100 passengers on board. These attacks were presumed to be ordered by terrorist Osama Bin Laden, the Afghanistan president.

All over the world people mourn over the thousands dead, today, September 19th 2001, America began to bury there thousands of war dead. President Bush will unleash his awesome revenge on the warlords of world terrorism within days – starting with a devastating blitz on the lair of Osama Bin Laden.

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Sports events around the world where postponed and even canceled due to the massive attacks in New York. The golfs Ryder Cup officials yesterday pronounced the cancellation of the series until next year as American civilization still mourns.

The hijackers took over the plane within 15 minutes of the plane being airborne. They did this by stabbing airhostesses leading the pilots out of their cabin. The planes where then flown by the hijackers, who where thought to have been trained to fly in America.

The FBI was hunting two of the kamikaze hijackers for a fortnight before they launched their attacks. Agents had been trying to find Khalid Al Mihdhar and Salem Al Hamzi – who crashed American airline flight 77 into the Pentagon last Tuesday – ‘Newsweek’ magazine claimed yesterday. The hunt was launched after the CIA tipped off the FBI that the pair was Osama Bin Laden’s henchmen. Cops hunting those behind the attacks arrested a second man. He was nabbed at a New Jersey flat. The first arrest was made on Friday.

President Bush reviled that he wants Bin Laden dead or alive. Afghanistan’s erg Osams Bin Laden to leave there country as they fear for there safety.

I doubt if this will be the end of the scenario