Rocking Horse Winner Analysis

ROCKING HORSE WINNER “We’re all right when we’re sure, it’s when we’re not quite sure that we go down” -Paul That is the quotation I consider as the most significant clue for the story. The words what Paul said is somewhat powerful, yet bring to destruction. He used what he believes to gambling, an inappropiate behaviour for a child like Paul. The story itself is the reflection of modernisation effect; materialism and the lack of affection from parents to their children. Paul parents are the people who wants to live more than what they could afford to get respected from other people as a high-class family, when they are not.

It is obvious that they daily needs are always never enough since their lifestyle force them to have money bigger and bigger. This condition doesn’t make them reduce their outcome, they remain consumtive. Paul and his sisters can clearly hear the whispering of its house asking for more money. The whispering bothers them, especially Paul that grows his desire to stop it. I could see from its metaphor that the whispering is the best idiom to express how much the financial crisis strikes the family and it really harrases their life anywhere they go. Paul’s parent are actually not as rich as its look.

They have no fortunate job enough to fulfill their lifestyle. It turns out why the family always urgently ask for more money that make Paul wonders. He finally ask his mother about the reason. His mother, instead of giving logical reason to little Paul, blames her husband for being unlucky guy. It encourages Paul to say that he is lucky, but his mother only gives him untrusting face and only regards him joking. His mother responds does irritates Paul. Here, I personally can see that the child really want to prove to his mother that he also is needed to be trusted for what he said.

I also catch some values of Paul’s great desire that beside he wants to show to her mother what he said is true, he also presumably thinks that by proving his “lucky” can give their family money, he simply believes that her mother won’t be worried anymore about their finance and starts to pay more attention to love her children. Her mother act is acceptedly normal as the modern woman that mostly only care about their priviledge name without thinking that their children needs more than material stuff.

They need to get love from their own parents. Paul even never feel his mother loves him that is why he will find ways to have it. This literary critisize the modern society that we all have shared. It is not a secret that by the development industry, It also has changed to the way of life most people. The people tend to be hypocitical; that is when people do not accept they are as it is. What is outwardly appears is much more important than the real beneath its glamour. Just like Paul’s family.