Research Paper: Steroids

Research Paper Steroids and their testing Over the past hundred years, the topic of steroids use in different sports have become a major issue. Rules and punishments are clearly stated and yet are broken by even the most popular, talented and gifted athletes of our time. What are the effects and edges you gain by breaking the rules and being punished? Are these rules and guidelines being broken because the punishments are not strong enough? Or are banning drugs from the sports just pointless altogether? Some say the drugs tests are unfair and unjustified.

Many want these great athletes to be able to choose for themselves what they put in their own bodies. And others argue the fact that the long term effects of these high potent drugs could be fatal, and therefore should be outlawed. My own personal position on this issue would take the side of for required steroid testing and for stricter punishments for those who break these guidelines. My opion was made when I learned more about long-term effects while researching this controversial topic. Steroids were developed in the 1940s primarily in Germany.

They were used experimentally at first on their troops during World War II. The drugs remarkable ability to stimulate tissue growth and protein synthesis lead them to believe that the drug might be beneficial to treat burn victims, and help other war accidents. These day’s steroids are being used illegally on a regular basis in today’s major sports athletes. Reasons for the use of Steroids would be the enhancement of recuperation and to reduce the recovery time of muscles. Enhancement and recuperation will improve strength and maybe even reduce body fat.

Steroids also cause water retention, so muscles growth process speeds up very fast. However these gains may seem to be huge but most of these gains will be water and not proper muscle. The body chemical level of cortical (a muscle tissue destroyer) is reduced by the use of steroids. This would lead to faster recuperation, which means a user could train more frequent. (Steroid Encyclopedia)The most important and major effect of steroids is the increased stimulation of the protein synthesis by increasing the amount of nitrogen in the body, more protein vailable to the body means that the environment for muscle production is better. Now all these great affects have sucked such great athletes in. Athletes always are competitive and steroids are the top drugs to make someone competitive in the world. Athletes take this drug simply to make them better at their particular sport, and help them achieve a higher status and get more recognition for their actions. With all this great help people argue that it’s the athletes body and to let them do whatever it takes to get recognition.

Now that may seem like a logical opinion, but why should an athlete have to hurt their body in the long run to gain recognition? When athletes can compete and excel with out having to cheat and use sub substances that are outlawed they do not get enough as much respect as they deserve. No one cares about who comes in second place, I think that’s how athletes feel and that leads them to want to always be the best, and to be the best, they believe they must take the best enhancement drugs.

Officials of the league and its players union have allowed, even encouraged steroid use to take hold in America’s pastime. Said Gen. Barry McCaffrey, head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. “Athletes want to be assured that they can compete and win in a drug-free environment,” McCaffrey said. “When they don’t believe that is the assurance, then many of them feel compelled to use doping in sports, even if they recognize the potential harm on their own physical health. ” (espn. com)

Known side effects of steroids include: cancer, liver damage, feminizing effects in males (growth of breast tissue), male attributes in females (deepening of voice, excessive hair growth) enlarged clitoris, shrunken testicles, limb loss, heart disease/heart attacks, physical addiction, HIV/AIDS from the sharing of needles, reduced sperm count, impotence, infertility, baldness, pain and difficulty urinating, prostate baldness, smaller breast in women, menstrual cycle stops, adolescents experience premature closure of the growth plates (stunted growth). (yahoo health. om)With all these affects how could steroids not be outlawed? Today our nation is funding millions of dollars to find better cures for cancer and heart attacks, which makes you wonder why someone would want to play with something that will cause those same effects that kill millions of people a day. For an athlete to use steroids to get bigger or faster, they are truly hurting there body. Therefore steroids have been tested for and outlawed in all professional levels of sports including the Olympics. Athletes take these performance-enhancing drugs because most believe there competitors are also likely to take these drugs.

Therefore to outlaw these drugs in there sport will cause that doubt an athlete may have. A person can get just as big, fast and strong as a person on steroids. It takes longer but it’s also a very safe choice. In out nation today almost all professional sports test for illegal substances, but do these tests work? They must work because there are many popular names in sports today that have been busted such as Darrell Russell of the Oakland Raiders. He was suspended for the entire 2002 football season because he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Nfl. com) For someone of his stature to get caught taking this substance makes the Oakland Raiders look like a fair team. A fair ream because the Raiders obviously don’t want to loose a player like him for the season, yet they did not cover up the results that have been done in the past. An athlete like himself has been tested for these substances the same way for 5 years before he was caught. He knew he would be tested, he knew if he was caught he would loose his 5 million dollar contract for that year. He could not have been that stupid to get caught.

Some find the testing to be pointless because athletes have learned ways of getting around the test by using mask agents or other chemicals that off set the outcome of the tests. I personally believe that athletes like him break these rules but have means of getting around those types of outcomes. He probably didn’t take the right amount of counter chemicals to offset his test results; therefore he was tested positive for substance abuse and performance enhancing drugs. However, you don’t see Russell come out in public and say that why he got caught.

He would rather keep quiet because he doesn’t want to release athletes’ methods of cheating these tests. In the past many have been caught and in the present many will be punished for steroid use. The other issue with steroids is that testing is unfair to athletes because sports should not be held to a higher level than a normal society. Drugs like Prozac and Viagra are legal for a person to take but not for any athlete. For a normal person to be able to take something that a top athlete not to take sounds unfair. Unfair because they are normal people like anyone else but they try to excel at a sport to get recognition.

Justin Baughman (professional Baseball player) agrees with other players’ estimates that 30 percent of major leaguers are using the illegal substances . “Unlike the NFL and other sports governing bodies, Major League Baseball does not randomly test its players for steroids. Until recently, officials for the league and its players’ associations were loath to concede that steroids were used at all. To them, drug testing was a non-question in labor negotiations, for in their mind steroids were the province of the NFL and other strength sports — not their elegant game.

That might change with the next labor deal. Major League Baseball officials have expressed a desire to consider random drug testing in the majors, citing recent information showing that 12 percent of Triple A players tested positive for steroids. In the past year, players such as Gary Sheffield, Cliff Floyd and the recently retired Brian McRae have suggested that steroid use is even greater in the majors”. (espn. com) On June 26th 1995 the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that schools have the right to test student athletes for drugs.

I totally agree with this ruling and law that was passed. I feel that students should not have right to take these substances and should be tested if there are reasonable causes for action. Most students that are playing division 1 sports are now tested for performance enhancing drugs before their season starts. This should be done to keep the athletic level of athletes fair. If someone is not tested for these substances then why wouldn’t they take them. It looks as if the high recognition that sports gets in our society overshadows the long-term effects of these substances.

The ruling that schools can test athletes if they choose to is very important to society today. The problem with the ruling I believe is that schools have the “obligation” to test. Why would school test these athletes that make there school look so good, and make so popular? Athletes want to go to the top programs in nation, if schools didn’t test then all a football team would need to do it place 22 kids on steroids out on the field who excel and dominate to make there school look promising and make others want to be the same way. With all the life threatening effects in taking steroids its pretty dam imple for me to say that’s the main reason to not take them. To me it doesn’t matter what type of achievements and help steroids will bring me. I believe that the most important thing in life is loved ones and health. Steroids are simply dangerous and should be tested for as often as possible in athletes. I look at Steroids as a tool for lazy people who want to get big fast and who do not put in the time of effort that will give the same result without these dangerous effects. I believe to help this problem athletes should be given unannounced testing on a regular basis.

Not testing in these highly competitive sports like Major League Baseball is now getting the attention that it deserves. I hope the owners and presidents of these major sports will open their eyes to what these athletes get away with before it is to late. Kids look up to there great athletes and want to be just like them. These same role models are taking illegal substances and are somehow getting away with it. It all starts with role models, hopefully something will be done in the near future. Works Cited Page Egendorf, Laura K.

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