Josh Hamilton Commemorative Speech

A man who has been in darker rooms the you can imagine, A man who had everything and lost it all in order to gain it all back and beyond. I would like to commemorate The 2010 AL M. V. P. Josh Hamilton for inspiring others and making them believe that when you get knocked down you can always get back up. Josh Hamilton defeated addiction through Christ and came back to spread his message on one of the biggest stages of all, Major League Baseball. Josh became addicted to crack cocaine a few years after he had been drafted out of high school as the number one pick for about 4 million dollars.

Josh ended up losing everything, from his wife and kids to his baseball career. His life seemed to have slipped away at the blink of an eye. Josh found courage and faith to battle his addiction through his grandmother’s guidance and the lord. Josh’s strength has inspired a number of people to believe that it is never over. This man came back basically from death to perform at a high level of athletics and he is over achieving. Josh now talks about his addiction and his strength to defeat it openly to get the word out that it is possible to overcome drug abuse.

Josh Hamilton is an extraordinary human being. He continues to spread the word and help other users defeat the disease of addiction. Josh holds sermons every Sunday at the Ballpark in Arlington if his team is not traveling and describes the unfortunate events in his life to fans as well as spreading the word of Christ. This man’s story has made me believe that anything is possible as long as you have the strength and courage to tackle any obstacle that may be in your way and to always follow your dreams.