Impact of Effective Communication on Organisational Growth

Impact of effective communication on Organizational Growth Generally, no man is an island, and therefore everybody needs one another; be it in our various homes, organizations or the community as a whole. Managers and employees need to be effective communicators to achieve positive results in today’s organizations. Some of the purposes are – seeking or receiving information, encouragement, control, selling proposals, confrontation, talking to different levels within the hierarchy – to individuals, to groups, to departments and externally to customers, suppliers, vendors, policy makers and other professionals.

This is done by using both formal communication such as meetings, reports, proposals, notices and informal communication such as counselling, advising, talking to other employees, and working in different roles; as chairman, project leader, analyst, subordinate, colleagues etc. Statement of Problem Lack of effective communication has led to the problems of lack of cohesion among workers, organisational conflict, ineffective team management, commitment to duties, and speculation of wrong information.

What are the factors that lead to the above mentioned problems? Research Question(s) 1. Does conflict lead to lack of organizational growth 2. How does lack of cohesion affect organizational growth 3. Does lack of team management affect organizational growth 4. How does lack of commitment to duties affect organizational growth 5. Does speculation of wrong information affect organizational growth Research Hypotheses Ho:There is no relationship between communication and organizational growth H? Effective communication leads to organizational growth “Reject Ho, Retain H? ” Research Objectives 1. To ascertain whether conflict contributes to organizational growth 2. To find the effect of lack of cohesion among workers on organization growth 3. To determine the effect of ineffective team management on organizational growth 4. To ascertain whether lack of commitment to duties affect organizational growth 5. To determine the effect of speculation of wrong information on organizational growth

Significance of Research 1. This will be beneficial to the organization in knowing the existing problem and possible solutions to the problem. 2. This research will be useful to academia and will form the basis for further research. Definition of Terms Communication : It is the process of formulating, packaging and sending information from top management to the lowest level employee and vice versa. Organizational growth: It is how the organization progresses in a positive direction in a competitive market.

Conflict: Disagreement that arises between employers and employees or employees and their colleagues. Cohesion: Healthy agreements or understanding among workers Methodology A correlative research design will be adopted The target population is the employees of Ecobank Ghana Population size – 100 Sample size – 20 Sampling procedure: Use simple and stratified random sampling will be adopted Instrument: Use questionnaire and Interview Administrative Procedure: – 10 questionnaire to Managers – Interview 10 low level employees Represent data in charts and graphs Scope of the Study The research seeks to unearth the effects of effective communication in organisational growth. Ecobank Ghana Ridge Branch Organisation of the study In five major chapters such as; Chapter 1 • Introduction Chapter 2 • Literature review : this chapter reviews literature on effective communication Chapter 3 • Research Methodology Chapter 4 • Results and Discussion Chapter 5 • Summary of findings, Conclusions and recommendations/implications