Hum 111 Week 2 Assignment

Week 2 Assignment To drill or not to drill is the question. Yes Barack Obama has promised us many things, but he isn’t promising us anything that any other president hasn’t promised us. The all promise us the world at our finger tips, a better life, and lower taxes, but how many times does that really happen? We all have hopes and dreams of what is going to go on in the Nation, but they do not always come true. With the topic at hand, we definitely would like lower gas prices, but they seem to keep rising.

We all want prices to be lower on things, but not everyone is willing to pay the price to do so. If we, as Americans, took the initiative to go green, then we all would be reaping the great repercussions of lower bills. When I say great I mean lower bills. I personally think we should hit home and start drilling here to give us Natives a little relief on money given the circumstances, but so many politicians will not allow that to happen. One in particular is George W. Bush. He has his own oil fields but still is not giving any relief to the American people.

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I side with Obama when it comes to going green. We all may complain that it cost $12,000 to get solar panels on our roof, but we will be happy when we do not ever have an energy bill again. It might cost more to by a hybrid car, but think about how much we would save on gas. $22,000 and we could pay for an irrigation system to be put in our home that allowed us to reuse the rain water that fell on our home, and then we would have no water and sewage bill each month. This would be saving so much money each month.

Some people do not realize that the amount of money that can be saved by going green. On top of that, this money could be money that went back into the community. This would be able to get us out of our deficit and back in to good graces with our financials. Not all people think like this, they just want to use up all of the last resources that we have, not realizing that they are non-reusable. When our resources are depleted, some may realize what is going on. But in the mean time, we should take precaution ahead of time.

Some go through vicariously, and some go through very precautious. Which ever the case, we should think about the people ahead of us. In a sense we have lived a very productive and fascinating life, why should deprive some one else of doing the same. If Americans continue to be selfish, then some will be deprived. If we took a stand back and understood that one day that could be our grandchildren waiting for something, or not being able to get to a doctors appointment because gas was too high, we might second guess what we did originally.