How can we explain why the holocaust happened?

Why would the Jews accept a leader like Hitler, who seemed so cruel? It was partly because of the way they suffered after the First World War; Germany was crippled with debt and had reparations to pay to the countries it had attacked. The Germans were miserable after 1918 and thought longingly about the time when they had a strong leader-Bismarck. Hitler was that up and coming leader. He grew up in Austria with his mother. From an early age Hitler hated the Jews, he grew up in poverty while his next door neighbors, the Jews, were rich and successful. He hated them and wanted everyone else to agree with him. They made him feel inferior and he disliked that, so as he grew up, he had a strong desire to rid the earth of them.

Hitler made films of the Jews as rats, swarming and plaguing everything and everyone, he wanted people to hate the Jews like him. He got together lots of amazing propaganda that like brain washed the public, so that everyone would side with him.

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Hitler’s excuse to everyone was that he was a Christian and that it was the Jews fault that Jesus died, so he hated them.

In his biography Mein-Kemp he described the new world order he would create after he annihilated the Jews. It was strange to think the Germans would accept a person like Hitler, but they were hungry for a leader. The German people were ready and willing to accept Hitler’s mighty machine, which rolled all over them. Not many stood up to Hitler, but those who did were tortured or killed.

So why would the Jews put up with all this, and allow themselves to be persecuted.

The Jews believed (and still do) that they are Gods chosen people, and that God would protect and bless them throughout all time.

Throughout history Jews have always been very successful. They didn’t have many friends, and not many supported them. Since the beginning of time the Jews have stuck together and have never forgotten their identity, despite all the things they’ve suffered and been through.

They didn’t believe that Hitler would do anything to them, but when he did no nations came to their aid, they were left to fight an unbeatable battle.

God didn’t let it happen, he rescued a lot of Jews from the Nazis, and to this day there are 13 million of them, and the Malaysian priministers say (‘they are a world power,’ since the Americas are on their side.) After 1948 the majority of the world agreed that the Jews should have their land back, and they did get it back, but the Arabs are unhappy about it and are still fighting with them to this very day.

Going back in History several thousand years to pre-history, Israel was promised to Abraham about 3000BC but it wasn’t till king David’s time that they possessed all the land. They fought with their neighbors and it was the Babylonians that first drove them from their land, then the Abyssinians, Persians and Romans, and to this very day people still persecute them. AD70 the temple was demolished and still hasn’t been rebuilt.

On Saturday two synagogues were attacked in Istanbul killing twelve, two hundred injured. There is still a lot on anti-Semitism and hatred towards the Jews.