First Amendment Controversy

Cristhian Ramirez Professor Miller English 1101 April 20, 2011 Are we innately bound to corrupt ourselves? In the seventeenth century some rich and poor set of in the Mayflower to escape from a Puritan king whose religious belief was enforced to all. Now although there were other reasons for escaping from England the goal was clear, establish a new home without an oppressing king and more opportunities for everyone. What would develop from then on would be called the bill of rights, which declared the freedom and rights of all man. Time was spent to make sure that what they experienced in under the crown would never happen again.

They were almost certain that everyone as people could live harmoniously in respect for one another, but could we? Should man really be trusted with freedom, or are we doomed to corrupt any good we’re given? The freedom of the press was initially made in order to allow people to be aware of what’s going on in their country or neighborhood. The death of Princess Diana was a controversial and tragic time. Paparazzi takes advantage of the law freedom of the press by making the life of celebrities miserable, celebrities are being watched and followed by paparazzi every minute of their life.

Sometimes paparazzi abuse of their rights by invading celebrities privacy. The entire world remembers the tragedy that happens with the death of Princess Diana and it was caused because of the negligence of Diana’s chauffer and the paparazzi that was in the second vehicle. The paparazzi didn’t take the right precautions because they were only focused in taking pictures of Princess Diana so they can sell it to the magazine. The freedom to belong to any religion, probably one of the freedom’s that hit close to home for all new settlers.

What started as a noble and good law was corrupt by a man in Waco Texas. Now days we have an infinity different religions in the entire world, in the United States we don’t just have different religions but we also have different type of cults. Every cult has a leader and many followers that do and believe whatever the leader says. The death in Waco occurred in Texas which was described as a massacre between David Koresh (the leader) and his followers. Koresh was an evangelist with the ability to recite passages of the bible and the ability of conviction.

He used to call himself as “Jesus”, David Koresh in 1993 committed suicide and gave the order to his followers to suicide themselves also and they followed. Some followers of him that didn’t participate on the massacre said that they still have faith in Koresh and that they haven’t been shaken by what happen on the day of the death in Waco. The freedom of assembly, which gives all the right to gather in a group, has been useful for people like the great Martin Luther King. The Ku Klux Klan is a group integrated by White Christian Americans; they were legally incorporated in 2003 in the State of Arkansas.

These groups are very racist against black people; they usually used to burn crosses in order to spread the light of white superiority. They used to lynch and whipped black leaders in order of racist, they proudly posed for pictures with the victim still hanged and displayed the pictures in public places in Mississippi. The freedom to voice your opinion or even question your government started as a pristine thought. An example of the abuse of freedom of speech is the group 2 live crew. This group created a lot of controversy because of the sexual themes that they used on their songs.

The album that caused the most controversy was “As nasty as they wanna be” on 1989. In 1990 they were sued by the American Family Association because the material that this group was selling was not adequate to sell it to the public. They did get away from the sue because of the law of freedom of speech but later on they were arrested because since this group started to peak up on the radio ratings, they started to sell his albums to children and that’s when the group collapsed. The protection from unusual search and seizure is one abused by most in both the searcher and searched.

Let the human emotions and one’s ego get a foot in the door and even a straight A student who wears the wrong type of clothes can be searched under someone’s interpretation of probable cause. I can speak from experience about giving someone probable cause simply because of the way I looked and where I was at a certain time. I suppose I could understand a police officer’s point of view considering the fact that many people play the race card in order to conceal either drugs or a weapon. Once again the folly of man makes us grab something meant to protect us or help us into something corrupt.

The Bill of Rights was created to guarantee every citizen right under the law of the Constitution. It was not created to take advantage of them and interpreter as you want. Many people take advantage of these laws and used for a benefit economically, other people used wisely and some others used when they feel that their citizen rights are been abuse. I believed that the Bill of Rights was created for a good purpose under a constitution; although, as you can see there are many cases where citizens take advantage of these laws but in the other hand I also saw cases where people take advantage of humble citizens that doesn’t know their rights.

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