Discuss the development of the character of Othello

“Undoubtedly a dictator, but nevertheless popular with the Italian people”, how far do you agree with this description of Mussolini’s rule in Italy in the years 1924-1936?

Main Body: Concerned with:

; Mass media, * Propaganda

; Women, *Repression

; Youth, *Popularity

; The Church

; Education

Methods ; Targets…Did it make him popular?Did the people like it?Did they even know it was happening?


* Women-

* Emphasized domesticity, maternity and self sacrifice?

* Fed Propaganda in through education in school?

* Contests set up to see who could bear the most children?

* “Women must obey…my idea of her role in state is in opposition to all feminism. Naturally she shouldn’t be a slave, but if I conceded her the vote, I’d be laughed at. In our state, she must not count.”——Benito Mussolini ???

* Mass Media-

* Censorship?

* Biased?

* Radio ?

* Newspapers?

* Magazines?

* Who read or paid attention to these things?

* Youth-

* Youth Oraganisations? [Members wore cool uniforms, they sang songs, they learned mysterious rituals]

* Indoctrinated through education?

* “make way for the young.” —-Benito Mussolini???

* Supressed independence?

* The Church-

* While Mussolini governed the political side of Italy, the Roman Catholic Church governed the spiritual side. In this sense,

For youth oragnisations—–answer—-that fostered a sense of belonging