Our last lesson was about a play written by John Godber called Bouncers. It’s about four men who work in a nightclub. It is also about their lives and the people they are approached by or come in contact with.

In this essay I will be mainly focusing on Eric. In the play Eric comes across as the leader of the group, he also comes across as the most intellectual. I think Eric’s character is revealed as the play goes on. So in my opinion he has the most depth. Eric plays many different roles such as, Baz (one of the young men who visit the nightclub) and Maureen (one of the women getting her hair cut). All in all Eric undergoes eighteen character transformations.

John Godber has used many theatre techniques in this play such as mime, thoughts aloud and character transformation. All of the characters are involved with at least is involved with one or more of those examples. Eric’s character is involved in transformations, thoughts aloud and mime. Eric uses character transformations the most although he does use thoughts aloud four times.

In Bouncers we learn there is more to bouncers than just being big fat bald (or balding) men. What John Godber has done is given the characters life as it were. Eric and his mates are always talking about girls, drink and bodybuilding. Seeing as real life bouncers live in a nighttime world of drink, girls and violent confrontations, what Eric talks about with Les, Judd and Ralph is a understandable thing for bouncers to do. But we learn that Eric does have his own feeling that he can’t express with his mates because they might laugh at him. Eric expresses his feelings with the audience and shows that he is human; this is one of the reasons why he is my favourite character.

We can learn a lot of things about characters through their monologues. I have learned that Eric doesn’t like seeing very young girls coming into the club and having older men take advantage of them. He also hates the over 25’s nights, because he is seeing old women and men dressing too young for there age and getting it off with the younger generation. Again in another of Eric’s monologues were he is in the pub on Christmas, he gives the impression that he beats up six blokes for harassing a young girl, then tells her to go home this shows how he feels about seeing this happen to young girls. In Eric’s final monologue he shoes his hatred of Michael Dee and his hatred of wet T-shirt night.

In this play I think Eric is definitely the leading role. He always has the longest speeches and seems to have more power than the others. I think Eric is the smartest and out of the rest because in their conversations he often corrects them. He comes across to me as the strongest because where he has an argument with Judd he almost breaks Judd’s arm. I think he is a good friend to them all in all because he looks after them and keeps them in check.

I think Eric has had a bad experience with a young girl, or has a daughter of which he has lost somewhere in his life. I know this from the sub textual clues he gives in his monologues. He says how much he despises the men taking advantage of the young women. He also hates seeing young girls throw their lives away in one night just for a laugh. To me this shows that deep down he is a really nice guy.

When Eric I out of work I think he would still be protective over young girls, and that he would in a way come to the rescue if he saw anything bad happen to a girl. I also think he would be a nice guy to talk to. To me I think Eric is everything a stereotype bouncer wouldn’t be.