An Analysis of the final half of “Star Trek: Nemesis” written by John Logan and directed by Stuart Baird

“Star Trek: Nemesis” is the tenth feature film in the long-running saga that I am a fan of. It sees Patrick Stewart reprising his role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard after four years.

It was made clear very early on that the film was about the choices people make and how it can affect the rest of their lives. It is also about mirrors, with Picard discovering a clone of himself (leader of a group of grotesque looking aliens called Remans, slaves to the more well-known Romulans) called Shinzon (played by Tom Hardy). The Android, Commander Data (played by Brent Spiner) also discovers an earlier prototype called the B4 – Jonathon Frakes as Commander Riker said about the name “B4? Dr Soong (the creator) has a way with whimsical names). B4 was also played by Spiner.

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The second half sees Picard restrained on Shinzon’s ship the Scimitar. Picard has only just realised that Shinzon is his clone. Picard demands to know what Shinzon is trying to do. During this scene, there is no music, and a lot of tension is created by the darkness that is present (apparently Remans are very photo-sensitive). Suspense is also built up by Shinzon’s echoing pacing around the room. Shinzon tells Picard he’s planning on attacking Earth with his ship to get recognition for the Reman people. Shinzon has been living with the Remans so long he has almost forgotten his humanity. Picard almost tries to antagonize him, and as Shinzon’s rage builds, so does the music in the background. Shinzon finally explains why he is trying to kill Picard “My life is meaningless while you still exist…what am I? A shadow…an echo?” The music stops as Picard demands that Shinzon deals with him rather than the Federation. Picard asks of his clone “Are you really willing to sacrifice thousands to satisfy your own personal demons?” then realizing something, he says “I am incapable of such an act!”

Shinzon doesn’t believe it…and tells Picard if he had lived the same life as Shinzon he would be more than willing to do it. A camera cut shows Picard and Shinzon staring directly at each other, and this is where we see that aside from appearance, the two are nothing alike. Shinzon says “Look in a mirror and see yourself.” But Picard’s raised eyebrow proves to us that he thinks Shinzon doesn’t believe what he’s saying.

In the next scene, Commander Riker and Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge are using their systems to search for Picard. The music is extremely loud and conveys the sense of urgency the crew of the Starship Enterprise is feeling as they search for their Captain.

Meanwhile, Data disguised as the B4, frees Picard and they begin looking for an escape route. During this scene, there is the increasing threat of being discovered by Shinzon or his Reman Viceroy, who has been using telepathic powers to almost rape the Enterprise’s Counselor Deanna Troi. When they are discovered, the music once again becomes silent as energy pulses from the Reman weapons fly past the two Starfleet officers. Data discovers an escape route and Picard is forced to fend off the Remans as Data opens the door. The music gets increasingly faster as Reman forces increase and Picard is struggling to hold them off.