Allan Pinkerton Essay 8

university of phoenix| Biography of Allen Pinkerton| CJS/250| | | 6/6/2011| | Allan Pinkerton was the founder of one the most famous American private detective organizations in the late 1800’s. Although he was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1819, he and his wife fled to the United States in 1842 the morning after their wedding. A warrant had been issued for his arrest. He was wanted in Scotland for his involvement in Chartism, a mass movement that sought political and social reform (Britannica, 2011).

First, he and his wife settled in just outside of Chicago, where he began his own barrel manufacture. It was not until he went to an island, which was thought to have been inhabited to cut down his own supply for barrel-making when he would discover, report, and later capture a gang of counterfeiters. Shortly after the capture of the counterfeiters, Pinkerton was asked by the town council to help capture the leader behind that whole operation. He agreed to it, and very shortly after that he did in fact, captured the leader.

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The county sheriff was impressed and honored to offer Pinkerton a full-time position as an investigator (Joseph Geringer, N. D. ). Pinkerton’s barrel making business quickly came to a halt as he changed careers defending his new country. By the year 1848 he had more arrest for property theft and homicides than any other police investigator. He loved what he did and soon decided to start his own detective agency, as he was the city’s first detective.

He began advertising Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency in the newspaper all across the country. He was very efficient in what he did and proud of it. He soon became commonly known as “The Eye” since he was America’s first private eye (Joseph Geringer, N. D. ). He maintained a mighty full schedule throughout the years fighting crime and saving lives. In fact, he saved Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated while he was on his way to inauguration. He also hunted Jesse James and his crew, The Reno Brothers, nd other outlaws. Allan Pinkerton was the person who organized the first official Secret Service (Soylent Communications, 2011). The database that is used today, which keeps all criminal activity of a person was originated through his detective agency along with mug shots that he had begun to take when a person was arrested and kept on file. Allan Pinkerton has impacted law enforcement and the private security industry as we know it today, as he was the one who set the foundation of law enforcement.

He went above and beyond to help keep residents of this country safe, and was honored to do it. It was what he loved to do. After reading about him, it is very clear that law enforcement would not be what it is without him. Obviously, we have newer technology that we did not have back in the late1800’s and early 1900’s, but he set the foundation for it all. He started out small, but he eventually ran his business and then organized the Secret Service, organized the criminal database that the FBI uses today.

Many processes that are followed today by law enforcement were created by Allan Pinkerton as he set the foundation for which we follow today. . References Britannica, 2011. Biography True Story: Allan Pinkerton. Retrieved May 30, 2011 from http://www. biography. com/articles/Allan-Pinkerton-9441102 Joseph Geringer, N. D.. Allen Pinkerton and His Detective Agency: “We Never Sleep. ” Retrieved June 1, 2011 from www. trutv. com/library/crime/gangsters_outlaws/cops_others/pinkerton/5. html Soylent Communications, 2011. Allan Pinkerton. Retrieved June 1, 2011 from www. nndb. com