Women’s Perspective of their rack-cocaine Use

It might not be common to most of us that drugs are not common to women instead we always connect drugs to men, where they are more exposed than women. But, the point really is how a drug intervenes to human life even though most people know the many negative impact of it. Because understanding the main issue and how it can be prevented is still what is important to learn and not about how it can be experienced by some.

But, this paper focuses on the qualitative study using hermeneutic phenomenological methodology. It was in the early study in the bible that women as a symbol of patience and sacrifice, where they are used to be left at home handling children and prepares everything what the family member needs, while the males are those who are left the house for weeks or months to find jobs and look for food, like in the farm or working on the other town just to earn a living.

In the deep theoretical understanding of church and other biblical explanation about addiction, which includes the disappointments that most women are facing nowadays which causes them to also be involved in drug related problems which is now becoming a very alarming and already a call of attention not only by the government but the moral obligation by the church and other religious groups are highly necessary. In the religious side, the effort is more on focusing how they can encourage dependents to alleviate or simply recover themselves in this problem.

Finding and providing ways on how they can be away from the bed practice of dependency on drugs. Like one of the very popular story is about the “The Prodigal son” which explains here that when the son has given his inherited wealth, he abandon his family and left nothing, but still he was still been welcome by his father. In this story it explains that in every problem no matter what, each and every one of us has a moral obligation to anyone, no matter who they are, women, men, young or old, that if they face tremendous problem like drugs, it is important for us to provide support and needed assistance to them.

(Parsec, M, 2007). There are significant analysis and findings as to how women are now in the path of drug use like cocaine as one of the most popular choice. Considering the status of women from the early years and even up to now for some countries, where women are considered to have a very low status in the society, which is one of the main causes of the problem and drug has made them overcome the many problems that they faced. In other words they find drugs as the main source of diversion and it keeps them in facing their problems.

Some of the specific issues that they faced includes: (1) other mothers would consider themselves as good performing mothers who do their best in performing their obligation, but instead there was no recognition given, (2) relationship problems, where their partners does not provide all the needed understanding and assistance for them to cope with the current life obstacles they are currently facing. All of these have triggered them to find solution and unfortunately it is through drug dependence is something that is conveniently being seen as solution which keeps their daily lives.

(Fox, K, 2000). This happens also with some of the relevant findings that women are sometimes prone to weak in overcoming family issues, unlike men are different since they are exposed externally, they can easily provide some alternative solutions for their problem like they can easily work with their peers or have to deal with co-leagues in the office which in other words they have many people that they can immediately look into if they are faced with difficult problems.

Unlike for most women, they dwell most of the time in the problem, with not having the chance to go out since they are the one left on the house all the time of their life. Which their partner do not consider of looking like letting her to go outside and have a little fresh air would somehow be enough just to loosen up the burden of thinking the issue.