Wine consumer

As a wine consumer, I developed an appreciation for the time, effort and creativity that are required to bring grapes in the vineyard to wine in my glass. Knowing that it can take years simply to make a new vine productive much less properly create and age wine gives me an appreciation for the patience required to study viticulture and enology. My love of wine began 15 years ago and I have enjoyed it in many places around the world. Now, I believe that I would enjoy the process of creation, from pruning vines in the spring to the fall harvest and winter aging.

I am intrigued by the flavors that can be created once a person learns how to combine grape varieties for a desired effect. In short, I am excited to see what impact I can have on the booming American wine industry. In addition to this enthusiasm for the wine industry, I also bring maturity to the table. At 35, I have lived abroad, served in the United States Coast Guard, and worked without close supervision processing loans. Having lived in Mexico, I speak Spanish fluently and am aware of the hard physical labor that viticulture involves.

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I also know that the wine industry is very competitive and believe the years I spent selling time shares in Mexico and the Caribbean will give me a leg up on the competition when it comes time to sell my creations. Unlike many people just beginning their college careers, I bring a record of achievement and hard work with me to the program. I have spent the last three and a half years as a senior loan officer for Gateway Bank, working from home to take loans from start to finish for people all over the United States.

My work requires working from home and I have been very successful at it, showing that I have the motivation and drive to work with or without direct supervision. And, I have a deep love of wine. I enjoy sampling many different wines and look forward to the opportunity to understand better how these wines are developed. If I am accepted into the enology and viticulture program at Walla Walla Community College, I intend to use it as a stepping stone to a job in winemaking.

I believe beginning in the fields or winery, as an apprentice or intern, in addition to the classroom learning I receive at Walla Walla will make me a world class wine maker. I hope to use this program to capitalize on my wealth of experience and my love of wine to create for myself a new career. I am anxious to be able to follow my wine from the field to the cask to the bottle and to oversee all the steps in between.