Problem of money

The next major shared reason is money. Both married and single women cite the problem of money. They either do not have the money or cannot justify using all that money on themselves only for the gym. They also consider the gym to be the expensive. They also give the reason of no motivation. They claim that neither their friends nor family are involved in sporting activities. A big number of them admitted that if they were to have a friend or a member of their family involved in sports then they would also join the gym.

Furthermore, most of the married women claim to have been engaged in sporting activities when young but due to increased family obligations coupled up with work, they ended up not exercising. Some like Sherre said that their exercise is now only limited to going to and from the care and shopping. The other reason that was common to both is a complaint about the distance one has to travel before accessing a gym. Most of them complained that there were no gyms near them and this made them unable to use the facilities especially if they were working.

By the time they get home from work, it is too late for them to go all the way to the gym. This is especially because of fear of being out in the dark in the kind of environment that is around them that makes it unsafe for them to do so. Most of them make use of public transport services and this makes it difficult for them to access them at any time that they want. The married women also gave the reasons of being uncomfortable in the gym.

Sheree holds the belief that gyms are for young people and so has no need of going to the gym. On top of that there is the fear that they face of exposing their bodies in the gym. They express feelings of discomfort when it comes to their body image. There is also acknowledgement of having limited knowledge especially in the case of which exercises to do and once they get to the gym which equipment to use for what and even what to do inside there. These women also claim the lack of energy because of doing too much.

Some even see the running around after their children as enough exercise for them. By the time they are through with all the work, all they want to do is to relax and spend some time socializing with their family especially their husbands and children. Maree a thirty-nine year old married woman has postponed her exercise days up to the time that her children all grow and do not need her care. The most surprising thing is that only among the single women and especially the young were there health complaints.

One claims to have a heart mummer while another got injured during exercise and has not participated in it ever since. Quite a number of them do not even see the need for engaging in physical exercise. They have schoolwork and household chores that are seen to take up all their time. In their free time, they would prefer spending it with their friends in clubs dancing which is their form of exercise or watching television. They also express having had no interest at all in sports although they would do it with motivation.

Kat who is 18 years old says that the thought of exercising has never at any one time occurred to her. Although she is not interested at all it is because she has not engaged in sports if their families were to be engaged in the same and thus provide the motivation that they need. Also they claim to have no money for the gym but when the suggestion of taking a walk or going for a jog or running in early morning they say they cannot make it either because their personalities cannot allow them or they are not able to do so.