Welcome letter

We gladly welcome you into our organization and to be part of our working team, we look forward for your earnest efforts and contribution to the growth of our organisation. As you begin to learn about your duties and responsibilities in the company, you will also learn about company’s working environment. We are sure you would wish to join us in doing good to the community through our company’s services.

The profile of Collins is wide and extensive and its reputation undoubtedly, certified by Scientific Certification Systems and is in compliance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The company is committed to protect environment and notably, the first company in North America to supply plywood and other wood products and even has Presidential awards to its credit. With the above long standing achievements, the company encourages young and bright minds to associate with the company and grow as you work for us.

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Our past strength has always been the strength and caliber of our employees who have envisioned the future of Collins and have exercised both ethics and energies to our organization. The company strives to maintain a professional environment with its employees and with that stance, enclosing is a pledge form, which you are requested to sign that you would strictly adhere to the principles of organization and handover the form to Mr. Bob, HR Director of our company within two days.

In case of any assistance required in discharge of your jobs, you are requested to approach our HR department to clarify queries. Further, you can also be firm about your role in organization and our HR department would assist you in all respects to make you an expert in your job. We encourage, talent, good spirit and a positive attitude for all our employees and in fact our workforce has been our main source and strength of our investment and we strongly believe in business ethics and human moral values.

We shall provide appropriate training, motivate and assist you in all respect and thereafter we take note of your performance and contribution to our organization with the fact that “there is no substitute or any short-route for hardwork and success”. We thank you once again for choosing our company and we wish you all the best in delivering quality services that produce excellent profits for the company at present and for future. Sincerely, Chris Adams CEO


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