Model prisoner

Dahmer would kill his victims, and later take pornographic and postmortem pictures that he would later use for self-gratification purposes. He was known to mutilate his victims, an act that would arouse him, and eat their body parts. He admitted cutting of these parts with knives and an electric saw that would make it small enough to get flushed down the toilet or to be easily disposed of. He also kept a 57 gallon drum of acid that would melt the torso of his victims. Jeffrey Dahmer was the kind of serial killer who liked to keep trophies of his crimes: he kept skulls, hands, skeletons and penises.

He performed necrophilia on his victims, and admitted to performing brain surgery in attempts to turn them into zombies to become his sexual slaves. His killing spree was discovered when in July 23, 1991, his victim Tracy Edwards got away from her killer’s hands and flagged down the Milwaukee police. The police found photographs of mutilation of human bodies, that later lead to the discovery of the place where Dahmer would kill, mutilate, and even cannibalize a number of young men. Before the discovery of his serial killings, Jeffrey Dahmer had a series of disturbing childhood behavior.

He used to mutilate animals and experiment with them, performing surgeries and bleaching their bones. He known to be a loner as a child, and exhibited symptoms of anti-social behavior. He had earlier recordings of public drunkenness, fights, arrests for indecent exposures, and masturbating in public. He was also sent to prison for drugging and molesting a Laotian boy. An interesting study of mental health professionals note that during Dahmer’s serial killings, there was an instance when he got to talk to his mother on the phone.

There had been an estrangement for five years at that time, and this reconnection could have brought a killing frenzy within Dahmer, which resulted to a killing spree of seven to eight murders. Although Dahmer was clearly a highly disturbed young man, his court trial found him sane, and he was convicted for fifteen counts of murder, amounting to 962 years in prison before he could get a parole. He was regarded as a ‘strange kid’ who had natural tendencies towards reservation and introversion, and a ‘flat emotional state’.

His homosexuality probably triggered his internal disturbance, in addition to feelings of abandonment and the thirst for violence and self-gratification. Dahmer was killed in Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Center when he was beaten to death by another inmate in 1994. John Wayne Gacy John Gacy was an affluent man. He ran his own businesses and was a highly-regarded neighbor. He was a married man, and he liked to throw gatherings in his house. Late in his life, however, Gacy discovered that he was a homosexual. His first imprisonment was for the attempted molestation of a young man in the backroom of his fastfood chain in 1968.

Since Gacy was model prisoner, he was released from prison in eighteen months instead of serving the full sentence of ten years. In the following years, John Wayne Gacy found himself being accused of molesting teenage boys from which he would eventually get away. Gacy continued to thrive in his construction business that he started when he moved to Chiacago after getting released from prison. He was regarded as a man of high standing, and he was even an active member of the Democratic Party. The other side of his double life, though, put Gacy as a man who frequented gay bars.

In 1978, he met Jeffrey Rignall, a twenty seven year-old whom he invited to share a joint with him in his Oldsmobile. Rignall ended up being stuffed with a cloth soaked in chloroform in his face, and later on, he woke up tied and naked in Gacy’s basement. Gacy started torturing and sexually abusing Rignall up to the point when Rignall already begged Gacy to kill him. Gacy would shove chloroform in Rignall’s face in-between tortures. After blacking out, Rignall found himself fully clothed in Chicago’s Linkin Park where there was money stuffed in his pocket. His driver’s license was missing.