Withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq

Iraqi invaded Kuwait on August 2 1990 with an excuse of dispute on oil wells with Kuwait. The UN Security Council on August 6, 1990 imposed economic sanctions against Iraq. In compliance with UN Security Council resolutions, America and its allied forces started the war against Iraq for the libration of Kuwait and named its Operation Desert Storm. The sanctions were not lifted even after the war the following year. The sanctions were not lifted for achieving the goal of a peaceful Iraq for its people and to its neighbors.

Therefore, the sanctions remained in place thereafter, despite a severe impact on innocent Iraqi civilians and an evident lack of pressure on Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. After 9/11, the war against terror was started by United States of America in the leadership of President Bush, which included home land security, preemptive strikes on terrorist hideouts all over the world and ousting the hostile regimes that were supporting the terrorism or have the considerable strength to attack USA or US interests. On March 19, 2003, Iraq was invaded by American and its allied forces.

This is called “Third Persian Gulf War”. This army operation is called “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and from this started the American presence in Iraq. The reasons for war given to people were Iraq’s weapon of mass destruction and Saddam’s killing of Kurd minority and regimes involvement in terrorism. The other possible reasons might be need for oil and diverting attention of terrorist and Islamic hardcore factions to a new theatre. What ever the reasons now we are at a stage where we have to see towards future and there is very little need for discussing what happen in past. Reasons of War

The war was started with the aim of ousting the regime headed by Saddam Hussain. The charge sheet against the regime was, attack on Kuwait in past, killing of Kurds, WMD (weapon of mass destruction), activities to make atomic bomb and providing hiding space to most wanted terrorists. The reason given is that it will prevent another 9/11. This technique is partially proved as a bomb blast in Baghdad is avoiding a bomb blast in New York. It has given hardcore Islamic forces from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Afghanistan a place to fight so their whole attention is diverted there.

So it is better to fight with them there in their country or in Iraq and not at our homeland. The Iraqi oil itself is threat in itself, if this natural wealth falls in the hands of terrorist organization like Al-Quaida they can sponsor many 9/11, so it is in our national interest to have control of a regime who showed adventurism in past. To control oil from Iraq is also strongly linked with the defense of the dollar currency. Its current strength is supported by OPEC’s requirement (secured by a secret US-Saudi agreement) that all OPEC oil sales be denominated in dollars.

This requirement is currently endangered by the intention of some OPEC countries to allow OPEC oil sales to be paid in euros. The world’s second largest proven oil reserves are in Iraq. New exploration will probably raise Iraq’s reserves to 200+ billion barrels of high-grade crude, extraordinarily cheap to produce according to experts of the oil industry. Therefore oil and dollar prices are closely linked with control over Iraq and gulf. Now in 2007, when most of initial targets are achieved as Saddam hussain’s regime is ousted, oil of Iraq and region is in safe hands and the country has been made frontline war front for terrorist.

Is this time to end the operation? Most polls answer “Yes”. There is majority support for congressional action on Iraq: 51% back a non-binding resolution, 57% a cap on troop levels and 63% a timetable to withdraw all US troops by the end of 2008. However, 58% oppose denying funding for the additional troops (Susan 2007). That is partially because that now it is quite evident that initial reasons given to nation were never proved like linking of Saddam’s regime with Al-Quaida and so called weapons of mass destructions.

The people now want their forces back in home and no more casualties. The increased death toll of our soldiers is due to increased violence in Iraq. The action and reaction theory is working and due to that, more violence is there and rising civilian casualties every day are raising Anti American sentiments in Muslim world. Some scholars believed that it is giving new life to terrorist organizations and made it easy for them to recruit more suicide bombers.