Personal statement

My family and a thousand hands have touched my life, enabling me to become the person I am today. My experiences, the adversity that I have overcome, as well as the relationships I have developed here and abroad have facilitated my personal growth and inspired my quest to become a doctor. I look forward to serving my community by working as a doctor, given the shortage of doctors in my town – Brampton, Ontario. I would like my patients to perceive me as a leader in my field, someone who has authentic medical expertise and the willingness to share this to the underprivileged.

I have been actively involved in volunteer which have helped strengthen my resolve of pursuing a medical degree. My interaction with members of less fortunate communities have made me aware of their dire needs and circumstances, and have developed in me a passion for serving the poor and a strong sense of altruism. I have always placed high premium in good interpersonal relations, so this is again another skill that I have to possess as a doctor. Many times, patients do not only look for someone who can cure them physically, but also a person who listens and in whom they can draw comfort from.

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I would also like my patients to remember me as someone who has a heart for the poor and for minorities. Because of the financial difficulties that I have encountered, I have learned to be an individual with fortitude, someone who does not get easily disheartened. This strength is something that my physically suffering patients can capitalize on; I want to be seen as someone whom they can draw strength from. A major consideration in the choice of Windsor University School of Medicine is my strong belief in its mission of “provid[ing] the very best quality education to students from diverse, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

” The mission in itself speaks of service, altruism, physician competence, respect for diversity and selfness – values which are remarkably consistent with my own. It is exceptional in giving minorities a fair chance at being competent, valued medical practitioners, despite our financial, academic and psychosocial constraints. Their mission has effectively conveyed a powerful message: Windsor respects and promotes cultural diversity, and I salute that. Apart from my belief in the mission that Windsor advocates, I also see the premium they place in acquiring expertise in the fields of teaching, research and patient / clinical care.

I believe that an effective physician does not only have to have a heart for the profession; it is also equally important for him to be equipped with the necessary technical competencies to be an exceptional doctor. On the whole, I feel that the Windsor University School of Medicine will provide the most conducive environment for me; promoting empowerment, equal opportunity, and service to others. These, and the superior technical skills that the institution can surely equip me with, are the reasons for my prudent choice.