Subliminal Advertisement

This advertisement is a very simple example of making something noticed by the viewer. If you closely observe the picture you will notice that the man‘s eye s are directed towards the woman but in a different way. Where is he looking? A small white strip is placed at the left corner to make the stare of the man more prominent. (Direction of gaze, n. d) The picture is edited so perfectly from the edges that the viewer will remain curious to know where the man is looking actually. To know that it is a must to watch the program, and that is the aim of the advertiser to convince you to watch it.

This is something called controlling of our look. What the advertiser want us to see, we see. But this is something so much related to human beings in normal life. If we find a crowed somewhere or someone looking towards something cross the road or at a distance, consciously or unconsciously we will definitely give a look at it. Advertisers mostly use these technical tools to capture human brain and to invoke some kind of messages in it. (Direction of gaze, n. d) Subliminal Advertisement: work or not??

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It is a very common question which can arise in any mind. This can be fully understand, by considering a simple situation, imagine that you are in a theatre for a movie, in the midst of it you feel so much temptation to get up and buy a popcorn packet, you come back start eating and now you feel thirsty, you go to the tuck shop and buy a coke. As the movie finishes you think that why you felt so much tempted to eat popcorn n coke, however you know that you were not actually hungry then why you ate all that stuff??

The answer is: those subliminal messages which are given to the viewers during the movie for every 1/3000th second affects the mind of the viewer subliminally. Although the conscious part of the brain does not want something to eat but the sub-conscious part which is affected by the viewing of coke advertisement urges to have some coke and popcorns during the movie. (Mega Essay, n. d) Subliminal messages are used by sellers to advertise their products wisely and to attract more buyers.

This terminology is used as a good technique in consumer theory. Some people do not believe its importance but somehow who ever applies it in advertisement can not deny the fact that it is so different and interesting method of convincing customers as compare to simple advertising for anything. (Mega Essay, n. d) Subliminal advertisements not only affect customers but also the target market on the whole. It creates a trend among the people for whom it is designed for, and their can be a number of media systems which uses this technique.

These mediums include radio, newspapers, magazines and television. But, among all television is the most interactive medium of advertising and subliminal ads attracts the viewer greatly through this. Television gives the viewer many advertisements to watch therefore the number of choices is many and the decision to purchase any particular can be made more appropriately. (Mega Essay, n. d) It has been observed that advertisements which are made subliminally are sometimes designed such a way that they follow a teacher and student relationship.

Just like a student is abide by the assignments ,books and notes to buy as instructed by the teacher and the student do it due to the fear factor, similarly some ads aware the viewer to buy certain product or otherwise it will be devastating for them or they will face something bad without it. These sort of advertisement are like picturing something in a before and after situation. Before using the product and after using it brings a positive change. This affects the viewer psychologically and brings signals to the brain to purchase it.

Let’s suppose you are watching a program on television and in the break a blinking and prominent text appears on the screen, your attention will definitely be drawn towards it unconsciously. (Mega Essay, n. d) To the seller most important thing is the sell of his product in the market and for that he can do anything. Preparing the product in the factory and making it available to the market is not enough, creating demand for it and a target consumer circle is equally important and for that purpose advertisements are created and mediums like television, magazine or newspaper are used.

Colors, pictures, animation, graphics, texts and many such things collectively bring a convincing to the consumer. (Mega Essays, n. d) There was a time when advertisement for anything seems to be just a supporting element and not so important. The reason might be any. At the end of the product launch and everything the producer used to think weather he did right to spent money on advertising his product or not? This trend has been changed with the passage of time and modification in the advertisement industry.

Advertisers learn how to capture markets and producer convinced that their money is no more wasted in investing for a superb publicity campaign for even a smaller or cheaper product. A recent study reveals the fact that annually $400 billions are spent on advertisement in the whole world out of which $200 billion are spent in USA alone. A single person watches television which includes not only transmission but also advertisements, therefore it is estimated that by the time he/she will die he/she would have spent almost one and half year on watching advertisements only.

(Max Sutherland and Alice K Sylevester,2000) Today’s era as compare to the past is so rapidly modified and each day brings something new for us which fades the affect of the previous one. Our daily lives from breakfast till winding up after hard day’s work is captured by powerful media. Lots of advertisements filled with colors, men and women with perfect looks and bodies as well as awesome dressing attract the viewer. And of course there can not be a single men or women out there who don’t want to be looking good, therefore everyone tries to find out himself/herself at place of those models.

These pretty smart advertisements have become a part of viewers’ lives and leave strong mark on their minds. Someone has truly said:” a picture is worth a thousand words” this so clear and appropriate on the media today as there can be no other better way of conveying your message to a million people even more in just few lines through a magazine or newspaper or through a commercial advertisement within few minutes. Here it is important to add an example. I will give Virginia Slims – a ladies cigarette example.

This product is claimed to be the most suitable for ladies and the models taken are extremely good looking. It is a very good example of a subliminal advertisement since any women using this product would think her as smart as these ladies who are displayed holding Virginia Slims in their hands. Advertisements convince people to how to behave in spending their money, where to go and what to buy without being so open. The original thought of the seller is encapsulated in beautiful words and colorful images whose purpose to wake up the decision making power of the consumer towards his product.

(Mega Essays, n. d) The reason behind encapsulating and not being open or clear is that the viewer or reader of the advertisement mostly know what they have to do or where they have to go. They don’t need any such guidance if they will be directed to purchase something so openly they will realize that they are being forced to go somewhere, where otherwise they would not go. (Mega Essays, n. d) How Subliminal Advertisement affect the psychology of consumer: This is a very important question that how subliminal advertisements affects the psychology of a person?

What is the actual procedure behind the scene? How our brain gets such signals how it processes them in order to convince the consumer? The answer is not as easy to give, it’s logical and need explanation. In order to make a product in demand by capturing the psychology of the consumer certain many techniques are applied. Sometimes it happens that we are watching a TV show or a drama and we observe the jewellery, dressing or the furniture used for decorating. These things are used as part or as requirement of that particular program but the sellers of these products actually sponsor them to these T.

V shows. Now just notice the psychological placement of the advertisement done for these products but letting the host or actors wear or use them instead of running a 1 minute advertisement in the break time. If the product is so stylish and the model is also good looking it will add more interest of the viewer in it. The next time the consumer will go shopping he/she will definitely search for the design exist in his/her mind which was advertised on a T. V program even a week before. (L. J Shrum, 2004)

Psychology means something connected with brain and memory. The theory of memory is a very interesting topic as it is consists of the Unconscious and sub-conscious. Memory can be more appropriately considered as a process since it is the major factor behind many acts of a human being. When a signal is awoke in memory directing the brain to perform an act it is basically some feeling which urges the person to go toward something or attracts towards it, intentionally or un-intentionally. (Max Sutherland and Alice K Sylevester, 2000)

Subliminal Advertisements run on WYSWYG basis which means that ‘what you see is what you get’. This is so true because human is always looking for something beautiful, something attractive and unique which catches attention. What ever looks best among a group of things is picked by a person and ultimately that becomes his/her preferred choice. However there is still a faction of people which opposes the existing of subliminal advertising. This group is concerned about the abusing or wrongly used way of this technique.

Since this technique of advertising involves and affects human psyche and emotions as discussed earlier, therefore involving such stuff which creates some fascination or creates some fury against any sector of society. These abusive messages may include sexual stuff in such a manner that they look offensive and useless and are just placed to attract the viewer mostly men, another way may be protesting against Govt. or against some community or making its fun on purpose. The US Govt. has passed some laws as well which are put into practice and are followed partially if not fully.

(Timothy E. Moore, 1982) Action speaks louder than words: Although it is said that “action speaks louder that words” but there is another sentence that “for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction”. These two sentences are so much connected to each other that we can not take them separately in advertising world at least. First an action is performed, this action might be any, placing a poster on a wall or running an advertisement of two minutes on television or radio. Now the second part comes, either equal or opposite reaction comes to the way.

The viewer will now go with that or opposite to that. Conclusion: Subliminal means such signals or messages which are given in such a way that they are not openly said or expressed but affect the thinking of a person. They affect unconscious part of the memory. Where a person is not clear about what he/she is doing but just due to some temptation or due to some signals in the brain to follow his/her will. Advertisement on the other hand is a paid way of marketing or publicizing a product so as to attract a large number of buyers and to capture the market.

In earlier times advertisement was considered as a wastage of money and not so essential but as time passes on the modifications in this field bring a revolution in advertisement industry and each and every product even a small and cheaper pen is being advertised. It is being taught at higher degree levels and certain tips and techniques are now a part of it. We start the discussion with the word subliminal since it was most important to know its meaning before heading towards the main topic ‘Subliminal Advertisement’.

Subliminal Advertisement is a technique used by al most all the advertisers in present time to make to be more interactive with the consumer and to communicate in a different way. Those advertisements which sell the product simply saying it is good therefore keeps it at your homes never convince the buyer to go for it, to maximize the profit to make more revenue marketing for your product is a must and marketing in a right way. Subliminal Advertisements can be placed in T. V, radio, newspaper, and magazines anywhere which is in reach of millions of people.

But the most preferred and reasonable is television. Television is such a medium which not only displays words, or images but also interactive images like flashing text, blinking backgrounds and moving images. Human eye is fond of looking something movable which is in action all the time. The way an advertisement or an image is displayed can be categorized in three parts i. e. visual, verbal and symbolic, which we have already discussed in detail in the core literature of this paper.

Subliminal advertisement is beneficial or not? It is a very important question in this discussion. This advertisement method is running so successfully that now that it has become an integral ingredient for any ad film. It leaves a strong mark on the memory that it becomes un-avoidable for the person to attain that good. Why this subliminal technique is so useful, it is because it includes a very interesting subject which psychology. Human psychology is as interesting to handle practically as it is in studying.

Subliminal Advertisements approaches that part of human brain which is responsible for the sub-conscious. When you watch an advertisement designed subliminally it affects the brain and passes some hidden messages to it which are encapsulated in a beautiful shell that nothing is expressed openly but is working to invoke some signals at back of memory. So next time you go for shopping those hidden messages invoke somewhere in the memory and direct you psychologically toward that image which was drawn on the brain.

Examples like having coke and popcorn during a movie even not being hungry and buying a particular brand of cigarette just because it displays the finest and smartest models in it shows the psychological aspect of human brain in it. The statistics shows the growing trend of advertisements which consists of investment of billions of dollars yearly. However the goods and bad exist in everything the abusing of this technique is not fair and justified it should be applied wisely!!

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