Wild Animals as Domestic Pets

Do you know anyone who has an unusual pet like a pot bellied pig or even a panther as their claim to fame? Everyone seems to know someone who has an unusual pet like this. While wild animals are increasing in popularity as domestic pets, is it really a good idea to try to fool Mother Nature into believing that these animals can function in a home? Some say yes and will have elaborate collections of wild animals as their pets.

But most people say no, as do most cities, which enact ordinances against these pets to help protect citizens. I believe that wild animals should not be taken on as domestic pets. For one thing, wild animals are just that – wild. They are a danger to domestic pets and human beings. It is in their wild nature to hunt and attack. Cities enforce ordinances against these types of animals for a reason – they need to be kept away from innocent victims and they need to be able to live their lives as Mother Nature intended – in the wild.

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They can be enjoyed from a safe distance at public viewing places such as zoos and sanctuaries, where professionally trained animal handlers can tend to their needs, which are more extensive and brutal than those of domestic pets. For the safety of the general public, wild animals are kept confined to zoos or sanctuaries where trained professionals can handle them appropriately. When untrained people try to take these animals on as domestic pets, they endanger both human lives and the lives of other domestic animals. It is nonsense to try to fool with Mother Nature, and wild animals are best left in the wild.