Sexual Gratification or For Control

Rape has been a part of the society ever since one can remember. It is one of the violent crimes committed against women. This report presents finding on why do men rape, is it because of sexual gratification or for control? The frequency of rape occurrence is studied and number of other literature is reviewed to reach a conclusion. It was found that rape takes place because of power and control factors. The report included articles from Universities, government documents and a book on the psychology of men who rape.

These studies were general in nature and involved many different samples for different studies. Rape usually goes unreported and thus government does not have enough statistics to state that rape is increasing or decreasing at the moment. Preventative measure must be taken in order to stay safe and stronger prison laws must be adhered to. Why Men Rape? Is It for Sexual Gratification or For Control? Rape is the most frequently committed violent crime against women all over the world.

Though the rate of committing this crime has been steady over the past few years, the trauma and the impact still remains to be strong. Many studies have been conducted to answer the question “why men rape? ” and not all of them had the same answers. According to some studies and research rape is a form of aggression, a way to show power while others say that it is means of satisfying oneself, pleasure (Groth, n. d. ). The definition of rape has been defined in several different ways by different researchers and authors. The simplest meaning is that rape is having sex with someone without their consent and will.

Research conducted by FBI (2005) and National Institute of Justice (2006) both illustrates that rape has been declining in U. S for a couple of years now. According to these studies the exact motives behind rape are not quite visible as most cases go unreported. The other findings of these reports include the statistics and the frequency of these rape cases occurring in the society. Rape is not only a female issue now for it can happen to males and children as well. The purpose of the report is to find reasons that lead to men raping women, children or men.

It is hypothesized that the motive behind rape is related to the demonstration of power and control and not just sexual gratification. This hypothesis will be supported by different comments of authors and universities later in the report. Defining rape and looking at it closely is important for this study. Therefore statistics and definitions of different types of rape and assault are necessary for the in-depth understanding of why men rape. Rape has so many different forms and so many different ways they can occur. Not many people know in actual that they have been raped.

Therefore it is a crucial part of this study to make clear what rape is. Rape is defined as “an event that occurred without the victim’s consent that involved the use or threat of force in vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse” by the National Violence Against Women Survey ( 2006), there is date rape, acquaintance rape, marital rape, gang rape, wartime rape, prison rape, and the most recent cyber rape. According to National “Crime Victimization Survey (2005), there were 191,670 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assaults.

Of the average annual 200,780 victims in 2004-2005, about 64,080 were victims of completed rape, 51,500 were victims of attempted rape, and 85,210 were victims of sexual assault. Also the National Violence against Women Survey (2006) revealed that 17. 7 million women and 2. 8 million men in the United States were raped at least once in their lives. These figures do not consider victims 12 years of age or younger”. (http://www. rainn. org/statistics/index. html) There are very shocking statistics available for rape issues in the U. S. “One in three women will be raped in her lifetime.

One in every three female children and one in every four male children in the United States will be sexually abused by the age of 18. One out of seven married women has been raped by her husband. An estimated three quarters of sexual assaults are committed by a friend, acquaintance, intimate partner or family member. According to the American Medical Society, male victims account for 5% of reported sexual assaults. Rape victims are 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide and 13 times more likely to actually make a suicide attempt (Crime in the United States, Uniform Crime Reports, and 1998”.

(http://www. rapecrisisonline. com/statistics. htm) “The National Crime Victimization Survey includes statistics on reported and unreported crimes in America. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes, with more than half still being left unreported. Males are the least likely to report a sexual assault, though it is estimated they make up 10% of all victims. Young females are four times more likely than any other group to be a victim of sexual assault”. (http://www. rainn. org/statistics/index. html)