Why People Smoke Cigarettes

Why do people have to spend their hard-earned dollars just to endanger their health? In spite of the fact that it has already been accepted by everybody, most especially by the scientific community, that smoking is dangerous to health, many people persist in keeping at it. In his blog, Steve Hill claims that this is what smokers do: spending money to do their bodies harm. Hill is trying to enlighten nonsmokers on the reasons why other people smoke. According to him, he knows of two reasons why they do. The first is the feeling among smokers, particularly teenagers who are only starting the habit, that smoking is cool.

Steve Hill explains that this impression is perhaps brought about by “watching rock and movie stars at their celebrity parties with a fag in their mouths. ” The other reason given by smokers, Hill says, is that smoking allows them to relax. This is why every time they are stressed out they have to light a cigarette. However, he is not convinced that smoking helps that much as far as stress is concerned because it only takes about five minutes to smoke one cigarette. What happens after five minutes then? The stress returns.

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He also talks about quitting – the difficulty being encountered by smokers whose friends are still hooked to the habit. He says smokers claim that it is very hard to kick the habit while their friends are still at it because the temptation to go back to it remains very strong. I have to disagree with Steve Hill in this respect because having been a smoker for some time, I managed to quit while my friends remained smokers. It takes a very strong will, but it is not an impossible task. However, I agree with Hill that “being cool” was one of the reasons why I started smoking in the first place.

In fact, my peers thought that smoking transformed boys into men in no time at all. However, I believe that once a person is well into the habit, addiction takes over. It is not merely a question of relieving stress, but a problem of nicotine addiction. In the first place, nicotine addiction becomes the main cause of stress when a smoker fails to get his hands on a cigarette. I agree with Hill, though, that “smoking is a joke” and smokers should find ways to quit.


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