Why I Would Choose Sandwich A Vs Sandwich B

Comparing food as to which one is better than the other is not always easy, as every food has its own health benefits, qualities, and distinct taste. Eating a variety of food is what is required of us, but sometimes, we simply prefer a certain type of food than another. This is but normal, because each of us have our own food preferences and penchants for tastes. I found it hard to choose between Sandwich A, which contains Weber’s White bread, mustard, mayo, tomato, provolone and Balogne and Sandwich B, which is a tofu and sprouts on organic whole grain bread type of sandwich, as I can certainly eat them both.

But since we have to select only one, I would say that Sandwich A would be the better choice for me. Just from looking at the two sandwich selections, Sandwich A certainly is the more popular all-American kind of meal between the two options. And given that fact, it may even become the easy choice not only for me, but for a lot of other people too as well. But I’ve got three personal reasons why I am going for Sandwich A, and being a true blue American who loves Balogne sandwich is not all of it.

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The first reason why I chose Sandwich A is because its ingredients are much easier to find. All of its ingredients are all available at just about any grocery or convenience store located near my house. I can always stop by Wal-Mart or 7-11 and get everything that I would need. For Sandwich B though, I have to drive across town just to get the basic things: a loaf of organic bread, tofu, and sprouts. Walking a few blocks is certainly more practical compared to wasting gas and energy for a trip to a specialty deli house, just to get the necessary food items for a single sandwich.

Furthermore, when you sum it all up, the ingredients of Sandwich A are priced lesser than that of Sandwich B for a single serving. While Sandwich A has a whole range of ingredients from meat to cheese to dressing, comparing the two sandwiches’ ingredients side by side would show you that the six ingredients of Sandwich A would only cost less than $4 per sandwich created. As for Sandwich B, it would cost around $7. Choosing Sandwich A is more economical, as doing so will save me half as much. And as far as taste goes, I always liked Balogne better than Tofu.

I know Tofu can be prepared in such a way it tastes like meat. In fact, a lot of vegetarians swear that tofu can be a good and healthier replacement for animal meat. But then again, I am not that skilled yet to cook tofu and make it taste like a real-deal burger. Special preparation is needed so that tofu will taste as good as meat. But as a regular person with regular talents, I am better off making a plain Balogne sandwich and it would be more flavorful than my Tofu and sprout sandwich, even if the latter has the advantage of rich-tasting organic bread.

And as far as pre-made tofu sandwich fillers go, I simply am not fond of them as much as I am fond of good old Balogne. These are the three main reasons why Sandwich A is the better option for me. As you can see, I value convenience, practicality, and flavor. For me, devouring a sandwich is taking a meal. And I like mine fast, affordable, and very enjoyable. Choosing Sandwich B doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Sandwich A is more like it.