Western Civilization Language

Western Civilization Language. The term “Western” is often used in contrast to Asian, African, Native American or Arab nations. Western civilization is a term used to refer to the cultures of the people of European origin and their descendants. It comprises the broad heritage of social norms, ethical values, languages, traditional customs such as religious beliefs and specific artifacts and technologies as shared within the western sphere of interest. The history of written language began almost 6,000 years ago in the small villages of Mesopotamia.

This first written language was called Cuneiform, depicted in the clay tablet above. According to Sumerian history, legend and myth, a man named Oannes introduced this development in the Mesopotamian Valley over 5,000 years ago. Many assume this character was merely a myth or legend of the Sumerians, other believes that he visited Earth from an extraterrestrial source, even others believes that he originated in the mythical Atlantis. Greece was the origin of western civilization that started about 3,000 years ago.

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The peak of its glory was around 500 BC, which was the golden age for Athens. After adopting Phoenician graphic-alphabet in 900 BC they employed a vowel system and added six more letters to make it a 24 letter alphabet. Earlier, was pronounced as ‘b. ’ Now in Modern Greek it is pronounced as ‘v. ’ It took a long time to develop the letters. There were many Greek dialects and there were certain differences in their style of writing. Lastly the Ionian style of lettering was adopted in general and after 400 BC the letters became uniform.