My dearest newfound friend

Days have passed since our farewell in Your hospitable Cordoba, and as I travel back home through blossoming lands of my pleasant Ile-de-France, I never stop thinking of our recent conversation. As You may possibly remember, it concerned the differences in seeing God by Your Muslim adherents and churchmen of Christ. Remember how convincingly You spoke about the sense of every step of a true Muslim, and that this every step should be in conformity with the will of Allah and words of his Prophet, and that this leads to real divine unity of human and God’s will, which is a perfect state for every true believer, guided by Islam.

For us, Christians, it is a little bit different. As I told You once, the Bible explains that God was willing to create humans after his image and likeness. However, the Holy Book gives us no evidence, that humans were created after the likeness of God, it merely speaks about the image. This means, that every member of Christ should willingly strive to becoming a likeness of God, not only his image. And those, who do not, wether they are Christians or not, are seen by us as some devilish creatures, who came under the power of Satan.

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It is probably our weakness, but we are not used to otherness of those, who are not us, that otherness, which I have found in You. Let us look at the Song of Roland – our frantic rede about struggle of my ancestries with Yours. It may seem absurd to You, but we ascribe our features to enemies. Our world view stands in the centre, and other worlds, such as Yours, look like some ugly crooked reflections. Those, who are Christians are seen as samples of virtue, their actions are pleasing to God, and grace blesses them. They are really shape and likeness of God.

As for our enemies, we use to see them as our antipodes, those who gain grace from Devil, not from God. We find even priests in Your battle, but that is Satanic clergy. Moreover, we even use to attribute our ideas to You, as the chiefs of Saracens, attacking our army, call themselves pagans, and say, that they come from lands where sun never shines and demons are arranging their games. As I crossed the streets of Paris, I noticed, that construction of a new cathedral is going on, and then I suddenly spotted a sculpture of a chimera, which the builders were right going to lift.

It was strange, since the demon was wearing a hat on it’s head. I asked them, what was the meaning of such an amazing thing. The bricklayers laughed at my face and explained, that the figure had a face of sculptures mother-in-law. At first I laughed together with them, but than I came to understand, that it was that, what we were always doing. We depict those whom we like as the shape of God, and demonize those, whom we do not like. The one who is with us, I mean our Church, is divine like, and the one who is not is the causing of Satan.

At such approach, it is natural, that the figure of the One, who had once sacrificed Himself to show the human, enveloped in sin, the way to Light and Salvation, becomes the center of our entire Universe. We use to say, that Christ became human, to let human become God. One of my favorite proses in Latin, called Romano has such words: Deus homo factus est naturam erante, Mundus renovatus est a Christo regnante Gaudete, gaudete Christos est natus Ex Maria virginae, gaudete

Which means, that the world was renewed after the birth of Christ and each and every should celebrate this event not only as the birth of God, but as the moment, when he was given ability to rediscover his own divine nature. In Oten I stopped my horse for a while to enter the magnificent Saint-Lazarus church. There I found a relief, depicting the Day of Lord. “Shall raise the one, who lived saintly. Shall tremble from horror the one, who felt into carnal errors, for such is his terrible destiny, embodied here. The relief itself shows the angels, escorting the righteous to Paradise and demons, bringing the culprits to Hell.

So, those who were God-like at life reunite with Him at death, and those, who refused Him became Devil-like at life and were taken by Devil after their death. That’s what the essence of our attitude towards God and Human is. We have our divine Father, his Son, who came to us as human and showed us the way. And the one, who goes this way shall enter the Gates of Heaven and conflow with Godhead. That what I am striving to, as a good Christian, and that what we believe to be the Salus for us all, maybe for You too, my dear friend. Let me present my compliments to You, Faithfully Yours….