A career in piloting

One Saturday morning I woke up to a curiosity of what it takes to become a pilot. The thoughts came up after a long night dream. The point is, since I was a child I had always desired to fly a plane. Unbelievably, my mother had bought me an introductory flight lesson with an advice that sometime a career is borne out of nowhere; and sure to the words, the experienced aroused my ambitions. I chose to pursue a career in pilot.

Several factors come into play in regard to my interests for aviation; however passion has driven me into pursuing a career in pilot. I discovered my career interest the first time I sat at the cockpit to learn about flying. The whole experience, though challenging, is exciting as well. I have since then, wished to be entrusted with the great deal of responsibilities that pilot have, more so with the commercial pilots. Moreover, my ability, talents and skills can be a great contribution to the aviation industry.

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The aviation industry is also opening up in terms of job opportunities, which are facilitated by the increasing world traffic. The flexibility to choose between various categories of aircraft also adds to the suitability of a career in pilot; not to mention that aviation represents the safest and efficient modes of transport. One of my personal goals in life is to achieve financial freedom. I believe that I can attain that through my interests in piloting.

Therefore, I have set career goals which include becoming a professional pilot. To start with, I would wish to acquire knowledge in flying corporate and commercial planes. Thereafter, I would wish to be employed as a commercial pilot. After I have gaining substantial experience in aviation, I would then retire to a flight instructor. I am confident that with my skills and ability, and the passion in piloting I would succeed in aviation.