Set firm guidelines

Another reason as to why youths get involved in gang violence is because of stress. There are many youths who have stress emanating from various avenues like their social life. Others are stressed with lack of unemployment even though they are qualified. This makes them to engage in gang violence as a way of releasing this stress and also to get attention so that they can give their views. They may be disappointed by the government and the only way they think they can get attention so that they give their views is by getting involved in gang violence.

Some of them are stressed by school work among other factors. When youths join gangs, they do it for various reasons. The association with peers that are delinquency is one of the strongest reasons for joining gangs. There are also other factors like rebelliousness, alienation and early antisocial behavior. When youths get involved in gang violence they become less committed to education and school. This results in less caring family environments. (Jackson, 1986) These are just but some of the reasons as to why youths are involved in gang violence.

It is our responsibility a parents, government and teachers among other stakeholders to come up with prevention solutions so that youths stop carrying out gang violence. The following are the solutions that can be implemented. Communication/education Many youths are getting involved in gang violence because of the lack of prior information. It is therefore very important to educate youths when they are still at an early age concerning the repercussions of getting involved in gang violence.

This has to be carried out by all the stakeholders including parents, teachers and the government. First of all, parents need to take time and talk to their children concerning the disadvantages of joining gang violence. Youths have to know that their involvement can result in injury or even death. They need to be educated that gang violence results in much destruction of property. They also have to be educated that it is unlawful to engage in gang violence and when caught they can be jailed or are subject to punishment.

The government can issue movies on the disadvantages of engaging in gang violence and they can be showed in schools. Through this gang violence can be prevented. (Sheley, 1995) Parents need to set firm guidelines for their children in relation to their social associations. This is one of the ways of preventing youths from getting involved in gang violence. This is something that I have witnessed working in my neighborhood. There is a family neighbor whose two sons got involved in gang violence.

The family went through much period of stress. The parents them decide to give very firm guidelines to their younger children. The parents’ expectations of their children were clearly spelt out and the measures that could be taken against any child who would follow them. This played a big role in preventing the rest from engaging in gang violence. Knowing the child’s friends This is also one of the ways through which parents can use to prevent their young children from engaging in gang violence.

It is highly known that many parents are just too busy that they don’t have the time of knowing who the friends to their children are. Many are busy with careers, businesses and jobs. When parents get to know the fiends to their children, they will be in a position to advise them accordingly on the right friends. It is very easy for parents to notice wayward friends to their children. If parents just take the time to know their children’s friends, they can advise them accordingly and therefore help in preventing youths from getting involved in gang violence.