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Monday, Jan. 5 at 7 p. m. an organizational meeting will be held in the Brighton Green office lobby. Member of the Board of Directors have been extended an oral invitation and flyers for the meeting have been posted throughout the complex. At the meeting a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer will be elected to perform the administrative functions of the group. A petition will be passed around for signatures. As early as Jan.

6 but no later than Jan. 15 the group administrators need to meet, design a proposal, which should be a more detailed version of this plan, and contact City Council to find out when the Municipal Buildings Committee meets and ask to be placed on the agenda. This committee historically meets on the third Wednesday of each month; this would be Jan. 21, 2009. Go to the Municipal Building committee and pass out copies of the petition and proposal.

Explain why the garden is important to Brighton Green and the larger Charleston community. Ask them to represent the Brighton Green committee before city council. Before leaving city hall ask the City Manager to put this issue on the city council meeting agenda for next meeting of council, Feb. 5, 2009. Feb. 5, Administrative representatives of the Brighton Green group will need to be present at the council meeting along with any other involved members that want to attend.

When council gets to the part of the agenda in which Brighton Green is discussed they may ask the president to approach and give more information or they may vote on it immediately. If council does not immediately vote on the issue then the group will need to come to the next meeting. Ongoing, From Feb. 5 through clean up and then groundbreaking the group will need to meet regularly to continue to develop the layout of the garden and green space as well as recruit volunteers, rent out garden parcels and coordinate the clean up.

For the best success the group should devise several subcommittees to coordinate the different activities. For example a clean up crew can handle clean up where as a sidewalk crew can develop that plan. Last but not least ENJOY In conclusion, this is a plan to reclaim an abandoned building site located with close proximity of the Brighton Green apartment complex located in the inner city of Charleston, West Virginia. The complex residents are largely composed of young couples with children and retirees.

Both are within a low to middle class demographic and have expressed an interest in reclaiming the site, which is dangerous for children playing in the area and an eye sore. By reclaiming the site as a community garden we will encourage community participation, offset some of the air pollution in downtown Charleston with green space, perennial flower beds and gardening plots that Brighton Green residents may rent for a small fee or labor. Green space within the site will be open to the public for casual picnics, Frisbee and ball throwing or other leisurely activities.

In order to reclaim the site a group of Brighton Green residents will meet, elect administrative officials and begin to draft a proposal and petition to be submitted to members of the Charleston Municipal Building Committee and the Charleston City Council, the body which retains ownership of the property. Once occupancy has been granted meetings will be held to split up the group into subcommittees to oversee clean-up, site preparation, site design, business and other community participation, farmers market and groundbreaking.

Long term goals and leadership initiatives for the Brighton Green complex will be established at the end of the growing season and new officials can be elected prior to spring.


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