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Survey research plays an important part in our society. It gives enough information on person’s behavior, attitudes, opinions and or beliefs (Zarinpoush, 2006). It serves as enhancement to the people of the society to improve their way of living and become more productive. Moreover, it gives an opportunity for the business people to develop their services and products for the welfare of the society. Because of the continuous growth of population, the focus of the survey research is more in demand because the needs and wants of the people are increasing.

We all know that preferences of people change as well as the behavior. We always think of the right ways of improving our lifestyles and make the most of our lives better and productive. In addition to, for the past ten years of its existence, there are numerous facilities and equipments that ties up with survey research which includes the computerized kiosk, telephone surveys and a lot more (Williams, 2006). There are two categories that comprise the survey research. They are the Quantitative and the qualitative surveys which are mainly known as the questionnaires and the interview respectively.

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According to William (2006), it is sometimes hard to differentiate the questionnaire from an interview because some people believe that questionnaire requires short closed ended questions while interviews require broad open- ended questions. The quantitative research is wide and more often used in social sciences. It is an integrated process wherein theories, hypothesis and evidences are assessed properly (Wikipedia, 2007). One method of quantitative type is the mail survey. It is one of the inexpensive ways of research.

You can actually send one type of questionnaires to a broad number of people where those are allowed to answer in any possible time or the time the respondent is available. However, according to the surveys, the rate of the responses is very low which emphasizes that there are many methods that are effective. Another method is the group administered questionnaire wherein questions are distributed in group collaboration. In this method, you are very sure that all questionnaires will be answered and returned back with answers.

Obviously, answered questionnaires are on a high rate because if the questions are unclear, there are instances that they can ask the person conducting the collaboration or group meetings (William, 2006). To differentiate a group administered questionnaire to a group interview, the group questionnaire are given an instrument which are the paper and ball pen where as the group interview, the interviewer is the one conducting the session. It gives the opportunity for the attendees to answer the question fast and comment on it (William, 2006).