War in Iraq

In this regard, the unsuccessful result of the Iraq War has resulted in a number of losses for the United States government, as well as, for the civilians of the Iraq, as well as, United States and other supportive countries that are engaged in the war in Iraq. (Michael, 2006) A range of serious health issues, as well as, mental disorders has been reported by many veterans of the Iraq War in the United States forces. Tumors, migraines, blood in urine, muscle pains, dysfunction of the sex, and a number of issues have been reported by the coalition forces in the Iraq.

In this regard, utilization of radioactive depleted uranium has been found to be causing the abovementioned health issues and disorders in the coalition forces, which cannot be stopped during the war. Thus, the Iraq War has provided a number of serious losses to the United States government. (Murray, 2003) In addition, posttraumatic stress disorder has been found in a number of soldiers according to the New England Journal on Medicine that has published a study by the U. S. veterans in the year 2004.

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Before the deployment of these soldiers, 5 to 10 percent of the soldiers in these troops were already suffering from the abovementioned disorder, as the lethality of the insurgents and the Iraq war has tend the soldiers to face this disorder in them. On December 25, 2006, the total deaths of the 9/11, that is, 2973 deaths were equaled, and even surpassed by the death toll of military deaths of the United States in the Iraq. For instance, it was reported by an article in Newsday that the death toll of September 11 was pushed down by an explosion that occurred on the Christmas Day in the Iraq.

The Iraq War has resulted in amputees of approximately five hundred American soldiers, as of January 18, 2007. A 24-year old corporal is considered the 500th victim of the Iraq War according to an article of the Time magazine. On January 12, 2007, a roadside bomb explosion resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. A number of soldiers have gone through the same situation and confrontation due to the war in Iraq, which tends to go for the opposition of this war. Mental illnesses, brain injuries related to the trauma have also been reported and found in the American soldiers due to the war in Iraq.

Some level of care has been received by nearly two thousand soldiers that have injury in their brains due to several different reasons and causes related to the war in Iraq. (Abrams, 2003) This shows that the war in Iraq has deteriorated not only the lives of the Iraqi civilians and military, but has also resulted in the deterioration of the American civilians and lives of thousands of military officials and soldiers in the United States. (Abrams, 2003) Financial Cost

As discussed previously, the war in Iraq has resulted in the deterioration of thousands of lives of the soldiers and troops of the coalition forces, as well as, the civilians on the both sides, the Iraq War has resulted in the high-level expenses due to the utilization of modern machineries and equipments during the war. As on September 29, 2006, allocation for the war in Iraq by the U. S. Congress has been found to be the $374. 5 billion, which has been used for the military expenses of the United States. In addition, rates of the current expenditures have resulted in the spending of approximately $418 billion until April 19, 2007.

In April 2003, operation with the name of Iraqi Freedom resulted in the supplemental financial cost of the Iraqi War. $78. 5 billion was the total financial cost until the year 2003. A number of resources of the United States were used for the expenses of the war in Iraq. Operations related to the reconstruction of the military posts have cost around $70. 6 billion, which is a huge amount that could have been able to change the lives of thousands of civilians in the United States. However, a number of similar, and even bigger amount of expenses have been done for the war in Iraq by the Bush government.