Domestic Violence

1. Employee Disclosure Of Domestic Violence Participation Not Entitled To Confidentiality Any on duty or off duty Tacoma Police Department employee who discloses to any employee of the Tacoma Police Department that they have committed domestic violence against a significant other are not entitled to confidentiality, reporting is mandatory. The disclosure will initially be reviewed and if required investigated administratively and/or criminally.

The Tacoma Police Chaplains will not have clergy privilege in any incident where a Tacoma Police Employee has committed a crime to include domestic violence as defined by RCW. Tacoma Police peer group counselors will not have “privileged communications” concerning the disclosure of a crime by a Tacoma Police employee, including domestic violence as defined by RCW 5. 60. 060 (6A) The Department will not condone any employee concealing or interfering with domestic violence cases brought against fellow employees.

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If a Tacoma Police Employee is served with an “order of protection” and/or a domestic violence/stalking “Civil Anti-Harassment” order, they are required to notify a Tacoma Police Department supervisor immediately. 2. Employee Domestic Violence Victims Not Required To Report The Tacoma Police Department does not require employees who are victims of domestic violence to report even if the abuser is a TPD employee. However, they are strongly encouraged to contact a domestic violence advocacy group for assistance if they choose not to report. 3.

Department Shall Train How To Recognize/Report Abusive Behavior Employees shall be trained on how to recognize abusive behavior potentially indicative of domestic violence. Employees must report any observed abusive behavior indicative of domestic violence by other employees to their chain of command immediately. 4. Using Department Resources To Commit Domestic Violence is Prohibited Any employee, who threatens, harasses, or abuses someone using City resources such as work time, workplace phones, Fax machines, mail, E-mail, or other means shall be subject to corrective or disciplinary action.

The Tacoma Police Department will not tolerate domestic violence against any employee or an employees’ significant other while in city offices, facilities, vehicles, or while conducting city business. POL-XXX INVESTIGATING EMPLOYEE-RELATED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1. Department Will Conduct Separate Investigations The Department shall conduct separate and parallel administrative and criminal investigations (if crime occurred within the City of Tacoma) of all alleged incidents of domestic violence by an employee of the Tacoma Police Department in a manner that maintains the integrity of both investigations

The Department shall conduct a separate administrative investigation of all allegations of domestic violence occurring outside the jurisdiction of Tacoma by an employee. The Department will adhere to and observe all procedures to ensure an accused employee’s departmental, union and legal rights are upheld during the administrative and criminal investigations. 2. Internal Affairs Unit Normally Conducts Administrative Investigation

The Department’s Internal Affairs Unit will complete the administrative investigation of an employee’s domestic violence whether the crime was committed in Tacoma or elsewhere. However, the Chief of Police may request an outside law enforcement agency conduct the administrative investigation. If the investigation reveals a violation of policy, the Chief of Police will decide the appropriate discipline, up to and including termination regardless of whether an arrest was made or criminal charges filed.

The City Manager, in consultation with the Mayor and the Pierce County Prosecutor will decide who will perform the administrative investigation when the Chief of Police is the subject of a domestic violence investigation. 3. Department Will Take Administrative Action With Sufficient Evidence If after a preliminary investigation there is a reasonable allegation that a TPD employee is involved in a domestic violence incident then the Department will investigate.

During the investigation the Department shall also carry out administrative action which may include placing the accused employee on other assignments such as administrative duties or administrative leave. The Department will assign the accused employee to duties that do not require response to domestic violence cases pending the administrative and criminal investigations for alleged acts of domestic violence and/or violation of Department policies. Accused employees will be treated with respect and all contractual agreements will be followed throughout the investigation.