Parties Upon Clarification of Situation

If a Tacoma Police Employee is arrested or there is probable cause for an arrest but the employee has left the scene, the CDO/Shift Lieutenant will notify the Chief of Police, Internal Affairs, and the family violence unit coordinator. If a Law Enforcement Officer other then a Tacoma Police Department employee is arrested and/or there is probable cause for an arrest and the officer has left the scene, the CDO/Shift Lieutenant will notify the involved officer’s department. If the arrested officer is the Chief of Police, the CDO/Shift Lieutenant will notify the City Manager, the Mayor, and the Pierce County Prosecutor.

The CDO/Shift Lieutenant will debrief all involved officers and inform them that confidentiality is of the utmost importance to the investigation as well as the safety of the victim and will prohibit all officers from discussing the incident and/or the whereabouts of the victim except as official police business. 1. Internal Affairs Will Assist In Ongoing Investigation Internal Affairs will respond to the scene of all domestic violence arrests of Tacoma Police Department employees within the City of Tacoma and will coordinate its administrative investigation with the Domestic Violence Unit’s criminal investigation.

Internal Affairs will administratively investigate all incidents of domestic violence involving Tacoma Police Department employees whether or not it occurred in the City of Tacoma. If a Tacoma Police Department employee is being investigated criminally, Internal Affairs will not question any of the participants without the approval of the criminal investigator. The criminal investigation will take precedence. All investigations shall be in accordance with the employee’s labor contract and constitutional rights.

2. The Family Violence Unit Coordinator Performs Follow Up With Victim(s) The Family Violence Unit Coordinator shall: • Respond to all domestic violence arrests of Tacoma Police Department employees and those officers from other jurisdictions, who are arrested within the City of Tacoma • Call out CID Domestic Violence Detectives when needed • Act as a liaison between the Department and the victim • Explain to the victim the Tacoma Police Department policy as it relates to domestic violence

• Facilitate contact between the victim and domestic violence advocates and services • Ensure the CID Sergeant immediately assigns a detective to the case, unless the Chief of Police assigns the investigation to another police agency, in which case the FVU coordinator will act as liaison to ensure an investigation is completed in a timely and effective manner • Ensure that the investigation is unbiased and unobstructed • Ensure that the chain of command, to include the Chief of Police, is regularly briefed on both the administrative and criminal investigations.

• Ensure that all employees of the Tacoma Police Department are trained on the officer involved domestic violence policy and all associated laws. 3. Departmental Firearms & Property Will Be Seized With Probable Cause If a Tacoma Police officer is arrested for domestic violence. An order for protection or a civil anti-harassment order is in existence and/or there is probable cause for an arrest on a domestic violence related offense, the supervisor shall relieve the accused officer of his/her Department service firearm(s).

If an armed officer from another jurisdiction is arrested, all firearms that can be removed legally shall be removed and placed into safekeeping. Where allowable under State Law or Federal Law, all other firearms owned by or at the disposal of the accused employee may be removed to reduce the victim’s risk. Because the victim may want a firearm for protection, the Department will consider his/her wishes as to the removal of all firearms. POL-XXX PREVENTING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INVOLVING EMPLOYEES 1. “Life Partners” Academy Provides Skills To Employees & Partners

The Department will implement a “life partners” academy for all new employees and will encourage their “significant other(s)” to attend. “Life Partners” will help provide employees/officers and their families with realistic information concerning police work and its ramifications on their relationships. It will also help families recognize any personal issues they may have related to the law enforcement career and provide resources for dealing with these issues. 2. Department Provides Domestic Violence Prevention Training

The Department will regularly develop training protocols for all Department employees to ensure information relating to domestic violence is being received by employees. All Department employees will receive mandatory instruction covering various domestic violence topics, which may include the following: • Understanding Domestic Violence • Department Domestic Violence Officer/Employee Involved Policy • Warning Signs of Domestic Violence by Police Officers • Victim Safety • Local, State, and Federal Domestic Violence Laws

• Role of Local Domestic Violence Advocates • Outreach Programs for Tacoma Police Department Employees • Supervisor responsibility in regards to employee/officer domestic violence The Department shall continuously use a variety of training techniques including in-service training, roll call training, field training officer instruction and training bulletins to regularly reinforce all policies concerning officer/employee involved domestic violence. 3. Department Will Refer Employees to State Qualified Professionals

The Department will respond to all requests for assistance (whether from the employee or those concerned with the well-being of the employee, themselves, or the employee’s children) by referring them to a list of non-punitive, confidential domestic violence state certified professionals for assistance. Department employees are encouraged and entitled to seek assistance through employee assistance programs and similar counseling functions in an effort to prevent a problem from escalating to the level of criminal conduct against an intimate partner or family member.

The Department shall publish and promote the procedure for seeking confidential internal and external referrals to all officers seeking help in the area of domestic violence. 4. The Department Will Work With Local Victim Advocacy Groups The Department will establish and maintain ongoing relationships with victim advocates and domestic violence professionals in the community. These may include shelter staff, hotline crisis workers, social service providers, State approved treatment providers, coordinating councils/coalitions, or others knowledgeable about the challenges facing DV victims.

They can serve as essential partners in effective community policing. The Department, when requested by local domestic violence victim advocacy organizations, shall provide copies of all domestic violence training curricula, protocols, and policies for review and comment. The training curricula may include the following: • Command notification • Cross-jurisdictional policies and protocol • General DV investigations and evidence collection • Appropriate criminal charges • Strangulation investigation • Working with victim advocates • Dominant aggressor/self defense determination • Use and limitation of danger assessment tools

• Officer safety • Confidentiality issues • Ethical considerations • Criminal and civil liability • Firearms removal and seizure The Department shall provide the opportunity for local domestic violence advocacy groups and approved domestic violence treatment providers to be part of domestic violence training as both trainers and students. 5. Department Will Ensure Cross-Jurisdictional Cooperation The Department shall develop cross-jurisdictional cooperation with LESA Dispatch and all surrounding law enforcement jurisdictions to ensure timely notification of any incident involving a TPD officer/employee.