The wake of surrogacy

The wake of surrogacy has brought with it various arguments which have brought various contradicting arguments from various persons. Some see it as a countenance with sexism, capitalism or elitism of culture and says that it views children as commodities where their value is derived from possession of the parents chromosomes.

With surrogacy, women will not be viewed by the society to derive fulfillment only from relationships from children whom they are genetically related to, again, children will not be needed for women’s livelihood or as heirs for the men. Not only do the physical facts about surrogacy fail to warrant the accusations and counter accusations which surround the act, but the social aspects are sharply and totally against the act as it leads to exploitation and destruction of families since in some cases it is seen as baby selling practice.

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However, there are some people who are in favor of surrogate mothering, one of the reasons is that it creates happiness for infertile couples, second is that the act of surrogacy helps people to transfer the risk and burden from one person to another, this is so because pregnancy may be of much less risk to one woman while it might be very risky for another.

There are also cases where some women hate being pregnant while others love it, the haters view it as an interference with their work. Pregnancy may also pose a great danger of health and life of a person for some people and therefore reducing that risk by conducting surrogate mothering is seen beneficial for the resulting child as well as the woman. These arguments therefore lead to three distinct premises; one is the issue of whether surrogate mothering is moral or immoral.

the other premise is whether surrogate mothering is a baby selling deal and finally, whether surrogate mothering is wrong in some situations. There are various advantages which are drawn from surrogate mothering, those people who are at a high risk when pregnant may experience risks such as pre-maturity which is the major reason for birth of handicapped children, therefore through surrogacy, there could be prevention of serious genetic diseases from being transferred from a carrier to a child.

Another benefit which is derived from surrogate mothering is that there is a possibility to create a non-traditional family where families such as those of single parents and gay couples can can be able to derive happiness from the act (Khuse ; Peter, 202). However despite the many advantages that are derived from surrogate mothering, it is seen as a betrayal to society and women’s basic interests especially when the act of transferring burned and risk, separating sex and reproduction and separating child bearing and reproduction are looked into details.

A question arises as to what is wrong with transferring the pregnancy burden to another person or taking the burden on another’s behalf. However, it is seen as supererogatory because there is a possibility that pregnancy can threaten a person’s comfort,health and life of another and although some say that women should not take the risks, this would be seen as paternalistic therefore women should be ready to take the risk.

Even though the central issue is the transfer of burden from one woman to another, it should be known that this is frequently done especially when women have their house cleaned, their clothes dry cleaned and their hair done, or even when depends on public works such as bridges or agriculture. Even though the burden deals with the risk of life and limb at skills as well as time, all the other activities also have a high rate of risks which range from exposure to toxic chemicals to dangerous machinery therefore the risk of being pregnant can also be considered.