The Amazing infant

When a child shows a sign that is outside the typical behaviour of other individuals she or he is considered to have special needs. However we should be careful when we use the term disable or gifted because it can obscure the information regarding the child. A child may have the areas of disability or giftedness but they do not affect every aspect of development. Many children may be ahead of their peers but on the other hand they might lack the social skills. Another example can be that of a child having the disability of walking but may have an extraordinary language skill.

Teachers should look upon a child as an individual. In case of Asmina we see that she comes from a different culture affects a child development and as a child learns to speak a language they also tend to pick up the norms of their culture. Many a times a child is unfamiliar with the ways of teaching in different culture and hence they sometime feel confusing and therefore, when no response comes from them it is mistakenly taken as a lack of knowledge or attention. To overcome such difficulties a creative curriculum for preschool should be held in school.

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This is a process to help organize physical environment to promote learning for children who are in need of structure and predictability in their lives. It is often seen that children with autism demonstrate the need of communication, social relationship and play content. Other factor that influences the case of Asmina is the language that is spoken at home. English as a second language also varies and thus teachers should be well aware of cultural and individual variation that affects a child’s capability to understand the function of the school setting and to use language to communicate with other children.

To many children the environment can be a good one but for other it can be confusing and foreign. (“How Children Develop and Learn”, 2008) According to the brain development research, it is found that the preschool time is the best time to learn languages. This is also important for a child’s development because if a child has a strong foundation in his or her first language then they shall be more efficient in learning the second language and also it is proven that learning two languages is an asset for a child’s development.

Finally, we can say that though culture is a very important thing however, it does not mean that we have to understand each language the child speaks or be an expert in all cultural practices. However, it does mean that we have to learn about the child’s family background and the best way to do that is to talk to parents and other family members to understand their environment and culture. The other thing to do is to consult with experts that can help us to develop appropriate expectation.

The other thing that teachers can do is to put other children’s culture into the learning program so that message is given out to all, that each child is important and worthy of respect. So we see that actually in the case of Asmina the true factor is about the cultural upbringing that affects her progress in class and also the language barrier that she faces and that the cultural norms are just the way the things are done in the child’s family and society.

In this process we see the culture plays a vital role in the social and emotional development of the child. It is also a cognitive development in which we see the development of the brain. It is, where we see how children think, how they see the world and how they use what they learn. (“How Children Develop and Learn”, 2008)

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