American Civil War

American Civil War according from Wikipedia was a bitter sectional clashed that commenced after the southern states of the United States promulgated their secession from the Union and formed the confederate States of America. The reason why there was an American War because of the complex issues of politics, disagreements over the scope of States’ rights, economic competition, Manifest Destiny, slavery, sectionalism, modernization and competing nationalisms of the Antebellum period (See “American Civil War”.

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This American Revolution has inaugurated the establishment of the United States as a nation secedes from Great Britain. The American Indians groups and American military forces have met in a series of a minor short-term fight in Ohio country. Many of these American Indian groups which include the Delaware, Wyandot, Miami and Ottawa tribes unify with the British having hope in preventing American settlements in the Ohio country (See “Military Ohio”).

On the other hand, during this period, there were Five Civilized Tribes which composed of Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole which were considered as ‘civilized’ by their white society because they were able to embrace many Western customs who involved in the Civil War. The said tribes were uprooted from their homes east of the Mississippi River in a series of removals over the several decades and moved to what was then called Indian Territory and is now the eastern portion of the state of Oklahoma.

These tribes were in the bridge of decision and was divided during the American Civil War as to which side would they give their support. The Choctaw and Chickasaw fought predominantly of the Confederate side while the Creek, Seminole and especially the Cherokee were split between the Union and the Confederacy. The Cherokee fought a civil war within their own nation between those who extend support to the opposing sides (See “Five Civilized Tribes”.From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).


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