Survey for McMaster University

This survey is intended to assist the Hospitality Service of McMaster University in improving their student recruitment and selection process. In this section, the four important elements of the said survey will be discussed. First, the relationship of the items included in the survey instruments to the concept associated with the research question will be explained. Second, it will clearly describe the ideal sample for the survey and explain why this is the appropriate group to serve as the respondents.

Third, it will describe how the instrument would be administered and explain why this is the appropriate method. There are several questions that will be asked in the survey and it is assumed that each of them have their purpose, which will be discussed here. Accessibility to the job information and description in the Oscar will assist the hospitality service in ensuring that all the necessary and relevant information and job descriptions are available in the Web Site. This gives potential employees a clear description of what the job demands of them and what is expected of them to do.

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The job description also serves the purpose of providing the overview of the tasks included and would readily show whether it is what the applicant is suited for. Moreover, questions with regard to the clarity and format of the application form will also be asked. This will also assess whether the applicant was able to easily follow the application process. Clarity and ease in accomplishing the application form will avoid mistakes or errors when the applicants are filling out the form. Errors result to the elimination of a good candidate who misunderstood a certain question.

The evaluation of the form will also show if it is achieving its purpose and whether it is appropriate for the users. Thus, this will take into consideration its characteristic of being user-friendly. Moreover, the application form will be assessed as to whether it asks the relevant questions or goes beyond that. Only the relevant questions should be asked as this will contribute to the face validity and content validity of the form. This will save the time of both the interviewer and interviewee and ample time for the interviewee to expound on the essential questions.

There are also questions that relate to the accessibility with regard to the use of the website which will put focus on the ease in attaching the resume of the applicant. Difficulties with the website it may result in eliminating the good applicants who were not able to put their resume on time. It is expected that the improvement of the website will increase the quality and quantity of the people hired and will result in increase of student applicants. Thus, this will give the Hospitality service a better pool of applicants and a wider reach in its active recruitment process.

After which, the behavior and attitude of the staff at the McMaster hospitality service office will also be assessed in the survey instrument for this says much about their organizational culture. Negative behavior shown by the employees may discourage the good applicants for they do not desire to be in such a working environment. Also, their friendliness and helpfulness towards the applicants will be given focus. This will shed light on to whether potential employees are able to obtain extra information which is not available in the Internet.

Likewise, the professionalism of the interviewee and the time provided for the interview will also be included in the survey questions. This is also expected to assess the rapport that is established between the interviewee and the interviewer and will serve as a good feedback for the organization. This also has the purpose of assessing the adequacy of the time and chance given to the interviewee in expressing themselves with regard to the contribution they could make once accepted. It is to be noted that interviews have the purpose of supplementing the resume and this goal should be efficiently achieved.

Moreover, this would establish an atmosphere of contentment and increases the quality of the interview process. Furthermore, the scenario after the interview process will also be asked. There should be a feedback mechanism where the input, which is the interview, is processed through the organization. The output will come from the organization, which is the result of the interview, will serve as the feedback for the HR Department. The feedbacks provided will make the hiring process more efficient in terms of time and cost.

Lastly, the past experience of the applicant with McMaster hospitality service will also be asked. This will provide the HR department with the necessary information with regard to the amount of training and familiarity that the interviewee has about the Hospitality service. This saves the Hospitality service to save money and time on training new employees. In consideration of the sample population, it is noted that the full-time and part-time students of McMaster University serve as the ideal sample for this survey.

This is the important group to approach because, according to the McMaster hospitality service department, only the full-time and part-time students of McMaster get the priority to apply for a position in the said organization. This means that they are the only people who are given the chance to have the experience and would be the best source for information and feedback. These surveys are to be filled up by the students of McMaster University for the reason that McMaster students are prioritized in the recruitment and selection for the job as compared to the outsiders.

Moreover, the said survey is intended improve student recruiting process in McMaster University and would have to target the students as respondents. The surveys will be distributed to students in lecture halls, tutorials, libraries, and student centre for these are the places where the student population is dense. In addition to this, these are prime locations where students could conveniently answer the surveys and return them back immediately. This will save time and will make it the most effective way to conduct survey and will give the researchers the chance to verify the year level of the student and make the research more accurate.