Using Axia’s Educational Resources

Axia educational resources provide one of the best educational services in terms of useful materials and download. The Axia website gives me the opportunity to download files like educational videos, audio appendix, and digital stories. All I need to do is to locate where the download button is and to save it in an easily recognizable folder on my system. These file are not too heavy so that it will not create unnecessary load for my system.

Researching through the university library has been made easy by the numerous search databases like EBSCO, GALE POWERSEARCH and many more in which one can easily choose the best database for ones research. To make effective use of the university library, I must know some of the databases that are specific and good at some topics and also know the various search strategies that will make search less stressful and demanding. Some of the search strategies that I will adopt are Boolean strategy, wildcard strategy and truncation symbols strategy.

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Once the useful articles and materials for my research are gotten, the next challenge is to retrieve key information from such material which I will do by ensuring that I read and understand the material and also bearing in mind my the main focus of what I a m researching. When I understand what I am meant to do on a particular research topic, it will aid in retrieving the required information from the materials gotten. Upholding Academic Honesty There is a need for students to be honest and ethical in their academic works and to maintain their integrity.

This applies mostly to the way we conduct ourselves, do our assignment, attend lectures and many more. Academic honesty policy is put in place for us to know how great some things we do can be and these are academic fraud like altering grades, copying another student’s work, falsified information and many other frauds. Unauthorized copying of another person’s works or idea (plagiarisms), and helping another student to cheat. All these dishonesty acts carries heavy penalty under this act.

Plagiarism is the act of taking another persons work and idea as if they were owned by such individual. In other words, plagiarism is coping another persons work without given credit to the owner of such work. it is one of the greatest offences commonly committed by students but it carries heavy penalties which ranges from low grades and failing such course to suspension from the school depending on how severe the offence is. there are many way s by which plagiarism can be avoided.

the common one that I will practice is to ensure that every materials gotten either verbatim or reframed are cited properly, even the common knowledge words that I am not sure of will be properly cited so as to honour the main owner of such information. Setting and Achieving Goals Right from my childhood I have developed kin interest in becoming a world renowned writer and that all household in the world will have at least one of my books at home. For me to be a good writer, I must have fulfilled some basic requirement which I will call them the short term goals.

These are enrolling in an organized English school for more knowledge about English structuring, reading as many books as possible to develop my writing skills. Though what I am doing now is not in line with what I want to become in the nearest future there are many barrier to be crossed, this include funding, enough time that will not affect my present course of study. The funding problem will be solved by soliciting help from relative or applying for scholarships that will take me through all that extra training that I have to undergo.

Proper time management is what I will adopt to get enough time for the long term dream. the degree I am undertaking in Axia is a step towards achieving this goal indirectly because it prepares me ahead for greater challenges. Managing Time Wisely Time wasting is one of the big problem facing students of today; they are always in unnecessary and time wasting activities that will not benefit them. The best system that I will employ is the system that will help me to utilize every bit of my time without any part of it wasted since I know that within a short period time I have to cover, many things.

proper time management also entails prioritizing my plans and making sure I do the right thing at the right time. It involves making the best use of my time engaging in things that will benefit me either directly or indirectly. Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention The best way to understanding a comprehension passage or any write up is to have some fundamental things in mind. It is dependent on my approach to the passage, which can be analytical or linguistic in which after reading it thoroughly, I will develop question about it, query some part of the idea and accepting some.

The understanding of the passage is also determined by the settings at which I am reading the material. Comprehension and retention is enhanced when I am reading in a very quiet setting than in a noisy place. Another thing that I will ensure to aid my understanding of passages is to minimize distraction by reading in a quiet place and reducing the numbers of friends that are time waster. My phone will also be switch off to avoid distraction through the phone. The purpose of reading such passage will also go along way in making me to understand the idea behind the passage.

While reading I will also adopt the SQ3R system which involves previewing the materials before reading it, then developing of question even before going deep into the reading. Questioning is followed by the proper reading of the materials in an attempt to answer the formed question. then recitation follows after reading while reviewing will be my last step in which I will reviewed all I have read so far including the charts, graphs and many other things included in the materials Applying Personality and Learning Styles

Having recognize that I am of conscientious personality, which is characterized by doing all my best to make sure everything I do come out best. These are done most time by checking and rechecking any thing I so to ensure correctness. This can be imported into my distant learning activity to ensure success, in which all assignment will be done at the appropriate time, which will also help me to research well before submitting any assignment since it must come out good and correct am also gifted at many things like musical intelligence and logical intelligence which I also plan to develop more.

In relating to other people who have a different personality apart from mine caution has to be taking so that problem will not be ensuing every time. i will first of all study most people that I meet and know their personality type so as to know how to relate with them. For instance an individual with dominating personally will always want to take over every affairs, but with the initial studying of his or behavior, I will have devise a way of relating to him or her without causing any strive.