Survival Guide for Students

Axia has a wide array of educational materials for the students which can be accessed through the web. It can both be accessed and read on the database or be downloaded in the user’s computer. But in order to use the resources in their full capacity, careful planning should be done. There are a lot of materials being offered by Axia, so if you don’t really know what you’re looking for, you would have a hard time dealing with these resources. Before accessing these educational materials, you should know what topic you are looking for.

List down all the key words related to the topic so that you could save time when browsing the materials that you need. These keywords would guide you through the University Library, as they have tons and tons of information that would overwhelm you when you don’t clearly know what you’re after. These keywords that you listed would be used for the search engine of the library. Usually, the first ones in the search results are the most important. In checking these materials, take note of the title, the introduction, as well as the abstract in order to know if the contents are useful for you.

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Finally, make sure that you have enough space in your computer before downloading these files. Compile the files in an appropriately labeled folder in your computer so that you’ll know where your downloaded files are. Upholding Academic Honesty The key for the success of distance learning is honesty, as it is a way to check whether or not you have learned something. Even with the absence of actual teachers to check on your performance, there are ways in knowing the integrity of the student’s works. Plagiarism must be avoided, as plagiarized works are not accepted and tolerated here.

There are ways to know if works submitted by students are plagiarized, thanks to advanced computer programming. Plagiarism must be avoided, and it can be done through several ways. One effective way is through paraphrasing. This is done by stating a published content (for example, a technical definition of a process given by an author) in your own words (The Writing Lab, 2008). This does not only avoid plagiarism but is also a way to know your understanding about a subject matter. Another one is through properly quoting the statements given by authors.

Proper citation and referencing should be done after each “borrowed” idea and the sources should be stated at the end of the works of the student. Setting and Achieving Goals In order to be successful in any chosen field, it is important to have well-defined goals, both for short term and long term. In every task that we are expected to perform, it is necessary to set goals that we must adhere to, as it would serve as a guide in whatever we do (Williams, 2007). When it comes to education, our short term goal should always be to learn whatever lesson that we are facing.

We should give it our best to understand the necessary concepts so that we may be able to apply it in the future. Our long term goal is to be able to put everything that I’ve learned to good use in my career of choice. It should be able to help me land a good job and eventually lead a successful life. But there are several concerns which sometimes hinder me from reaching these goals. An example would be fitting my studies to hectic schedule of work and other chores. One way to solve this is through time management.

I give no room for slacking, as I have to adhere with the goals that I must reach. An Axia degree relates to my goals, as it is a proof of my competence and my skills in my chosen field. An Axia degree is also a tool for success, as it prepares me for the future. It is a way of equipping my self with the necessary information and skills that would help me reach the goals that I have set. Managing Time Wisely Aside from my Axia courses, there are other things that I do, like work and family responsibilities. Because of this, I really don’t have the luxury of time.

As a result, I have to properly manage my time so that I would be able to fit all the things that I have to do. The first thing that I have to consider is how to balance my time between my Axia courses. With each subject, I should be able to allot the appropriate time so that I can fulfill their specific requirements. For a given day, I should determine first which has the most important task that I should do (Trustees of Darthmouth College, 2008). I would list the requirements for the day or for a time period then rank it according to the difficulty of doing it.

I would do the easy tasks first so that I could finish them in a short time, and I would have more time for the difficult ones. Aside from school, I also have to do other things like work and family responsibilities. I would allot a certain period of time for school work, usually during the end of the day, so that it wouldn’t overlap with my other tasks. During this time, I really focus on the things that need to be done, so that I could finish it in the shortest time possible. It really helps to prioritize the things that would require more attention to, because I am able to give it my best.

If I don’t prioritize, my tasks would overlap and I would end up not finishing everything on time. As I have stated earlier, I give no room for slacking because I have a lot of things to do with a very limited time. Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention Because of busy schedule, I have to do everything in the shortest time possible. Reading would have surely wasted a lot of time for me if I don’t employ reading comprehension techniques for successful reading. One way is to take down notes and determine the key words in what I am reading.

It really helps me a lot because I am able to understand better. As much as possible, I have to understand the concepts in just one reading, so taking down notes really help. I also take down the things that confuse me or I don’t understand, then I would just review it after I finished reading. I also have to develop a study habit so that I would be able to retain what I have learned. Studying makes a concept familiar to me, thus making me able to understand it better. I should devote some time to study or even run through the notes from my courses.

Applying Personality and Learning Styles Distance learning can be successful if it can be related to ones personality. For me, I enjoy studying alone, so I think I am more productive when I have a peaceful environment. In relation to this, I make sure that my study area has nothing that would distract me. I also told the people I’m with that I would be studying and I wouldn’t like much interference. However, I also like to discuss certain concepts with other people and I feel that it helps me to understand my lesson more.

With this attitude, I often keep in touch with people who also have understanding in a certain concept that I would want to be discussed. Keeping my communication lines open while studying helps in understanding difficult concepts. This also helps me relate to other people who have similar or different point of views regarding certain aspects of the lesson or discussion. It does not only help me understand the lesson, it also enriches my learning, as I learn not only from myself but also from other people.