Global power

Understanding the term Global power most especially in the 21st century. In contemporary terms will certainly be different from referring to global power in the 20th century, indeed the former would refer to as great power, as traditionally employed in the international relations literature, referring to the later, John (2001) referred to it as “the creation of politics of the 20th century weapons technology, even though the coining of the term in 1944 did not take the nuclear dimensions into account but rather the global reach of a nation” (211 –212).

A Nation’s popularity, its ability of influence and level of development recorded over a stipulated period of time may greatly influence the definition and placement of the nation either as a global power or as a local power. The global power according to Hedley (1977) “belongs to a society of states that maintains a balance of power to prevent a global dictatorship emerging through imperial conquest, besides these global powers. Also engaged in the order preserving mechanisms of international law, diplomacy, concerting and war, when it acts to preserve the system rather than destroy it”. (224-229).

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This description to a large extent displays china as a global power and as a matter of fact, it belongs to the elite club of recognized great powers. China had persistently criticized super power conduct in world affairs. It is involved in more than 1000 international government organizations that tackle issues like drug trafficking, the support of UN and international law, especially warnings against. The exercise of Military power where peaceful methods of diplomacy ought to be used. China even before its rice as a super power had always emphasized the need for great powers to watch each other and possibly criticize each other.

This rate was mostly reflected in Chinas rate in the cold war, which was one in balance of the strategic triangle comprising of US, Soviet Union and PRC. In other words China has always been a focal point for the cautioning of powers and maintenance of peace through dialogue. However, as China continues to rise and break new grounds as a global power, nations, individuals and organizations are already becoming skeptical some even scared of the implications of the rise of China as a global power.

Questions keep coming in and eyebrows keep rising. Interesting is the view that China has already beginning a shift from its original position as a watchdog. What meaning will it make if China is beginning to be actively involved in international issues? The implications both positive and negative may not be independent or objective. It all depends on subjection points of view since China like any other nation will definitely witness different leaderships over time.

With regard to Chinas threat theory- The international fear that China will grow into a military superpower despite its policy of good neibourliness which is emphasized under the concept of helping Juenqi –The peaceful emergence of China also referred to as the peaceful rise. This stand reflects the non-hegemonic intentions of China, the emphasis on development and the view that China’s economic growth will not hurt others. This peaceful rise of China now more than any other rise is beginning to bear far reaching implications, which are intern contradictory.

If China is truly as it says – a peaceful rising power, it’s significant Military power is disturbing. Malu (1996) rightly said “ if China is a peaceful rising power how does one explain it’s among of over 30 intercontinental ballistic missiles (IBM) as well as its submarine launch missile capability, China’s nuclear force does bestow upon it the prestige and deterrent power sought by others in recent times. ” (241-245) Furthermore, China’s insistence then that Taiwan which by all standards is democratic and has all attributes of independence remain or belong to China, going contrary to it’s original plan of good neibourly diplomacy.

Now China is seen as over bearing when handling the problem of dissent. Could this be as a result of global power that despite the fact that everyone is watching China still stands comfortable doing this? Based on the above developments it is indeed natural for the world to be some what anxious about what the rise of China will ushers in after all, not long ago this same China was less interested in taking part in international regimes be it political, economic, arms control. This position has changed dramatically in the past 25 years especially in the past decade.

According to Jones (2005) “China has become an active and valuable participant in international regimes ranging from banning nuclear tests, to restricting real-use exports, to fighting terrorism, to opening up trade and improving the environment “ (228). But frankly speaking there are questions to whether this cooperative behavior our will continue in future, since we all know about the deny xiaoping’s teachings about keeping ones head down while maturing ones ambitions (Targuany Yanghui) PRC leaders have identified that the next 18 years is a period of strategies opportunity for china to face on developing its economy and society.

But what is the world to anticipate after keeping your head down for 18 years. So, Basically instead of seen hostility behind china’s rise. Big chances are going on here with major implication for every one. And just as many American’s argue that if China is treated like an enemy it will become an enemy. If the idea of China rising to become a threat is protected first then chances are that China might become a threat. In sum China is going to play a larger political and strategic role not just in the East Asia or even just in Asia.

It will definitely play such a role on the world stage and which it has already began to do so, I predict the role will grow tremendously in the years ahead. In significant measure that growth will come from China’s growing economic strength and from the larger space it will take on the international economic and international trade scene. According to Jeff (2006) “As the new central unfolds, in all probability so will Chinas prospects unfold as a global power, not just a residual one an enormous Country with the worlds largest population and military establishments. Its economy is among the worlds fastest growing.

It is expected to become the largest bit 2025. (84) In conclusion the growing potentials of China, stands a long lasting influence in the entire world only if the changing political policies might change, which both China and the world stand the risk of loosing it all China, a global power with reaching implications on the world yet controlled by policies in the hands of mortals. Power, so tempting yet useful in China on the world scene.


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