Branding in Hotel Industry

Cline (1996) said that one of the brand marketing strategies of the Hotel Industry includes a strong reservation system. Consistency of reservations, sales office supports, a proper correlation of the brand to a particular target market, and a thorough continuing development plan is imperative (p. 1). Brand marketing in the Hotel Industry must look into three vital components which are: strategy, organization and capital. The strategy part of the branding strategy must include the company’s vision of the future.

Also, a good hotel strategy also includes looking into the trends for international competition and international demands. Such would allow the hotels to be more competitive and tap a huge market. In addition with this, a strong management system should also be in placed such as a good reservation system that could be accessible by phone and most especially through the use of the internet. The competition within the Hotel Industry is very strict, as such if a Hotel would initially lack on this most basic tool, therefore there is a huge possibility that profit would also be declining (Baum, 1995).

In addition with this, an effective organizational strategy should assure that the human resources are competitive in terms of skills and knowledge of the company’s processes. It is very important as well that Hotels will tend to focus on the welfare of their employees most specially on their satisfaction towards their work. A number of customers when asked about their satisfaction towards their stay, says a lot of negative impressions in terms of how the staff deals with them, most specially in difficult situations and various conflicts.

It is very important that continuous education and training should be provided to the employees and also pay attention to their other needs such as a salary increase or a need for vacation. One of the main determinants of a strong organization is that when employees feel that they are valued and they are seen by the companies not as just mere workers but as stake holders (Baum, 1995). Lastly, the financial capital and its management are very relevant as it is a major determining factor for the success of any business endeavor.

Large amounts of capital are necessary for the Hotel Industry’s marketing and branding strategy as it is an avenue for attracting new customers and working on them to develop customer loyalty. As such, it is imperative for hotel operators to look into the dynamics of the market space so that their brand strategies are assured to be in accordance with the needs of its clients (Cline, 1996, p. 1) Koss-Feder (2007) said that a few years ago, customers’ notion of an exemplary customer service includes an “unusually fluffy duvet, express dry cleaning and a fulfillment of a random late-night food craving (p. 1).

However as customers of hotels diversify, a cluster of customers who booked primarily for vacation purposes demanded more extravagant amenities. The Renaissance Manchester Hotel caters to clients who are leaning towards conducting certain occasions such as weddings, group or private dinners and huge conferences. On tapping on this market, the Renaissance boasts a magnificent lobby, modern amenities and other signature services. In addition with this, they also promote their conference venues as one of the largest in the city on top with new and refurbished banqueting floor; also the Renaissance provides wireless internet access.

All of the rooms of the hotels are air-conditioned, has lounge areas, huge workspaces and also WIFI access. The hotel’s restaurant which is Robbies Restaurant and bar also serves meals on all times of the day (Marriot, 2007). The Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Hotel which are hotels under one umbrella which is the InterContinental Hotels Group has a specific branding program which caters to almost all market segments. Their Priority Club program that allows it members to earn free hotel stays, miles and the likes. The Priority Club offers up to 20,000 points or 5,000 miles whenever customers booked with them.

In addition with this, the organization’s hotel brand offers includes a tour to Disneyland or a stay in Resort Paris. Offers for Partners include the redemption of all the benefits for their Gold Elite Status for 2007. Besides all of these, the hotel still guarantees a low room rate whenever a client books through their website. In addition with this, customers are also allowed to book for a free night using the points that they have accumulated on their cards. Finally, it also allows its members to save up to 10% based on its Best Flexible rate programme (ICH Hotels Group, 2007).