The industrial sector

The industrial sector of this city is very competitive worldwide because it has emerged a great threat to the developed world. The manufacturing and industrial sectors have recently captured the attention of a large population around the world. This is because many exports especially by the developing world are sourced from the city, showing its diversity. In the city, it is said that items are cheaper compared to the rest of the world, making it a popular market area for many nations.

The technology of the city in economic activities such as e-business has promoted it in the world of competition. Technological advancement is highly associated with innovations concerning ideas, goods and services (Alean, Graham, 2003, p. 13). Through the innovation, high quality services are produced at lower costs. Therefore, the city is a place of mass production, high quality products, low costs and high profits. In a way, it has therefore ascended to the present heights because of the strong financial stability.

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Tourism serves as a big push mechanism through which nations and economies derive the power to advance in all spheres of life. The city of Dubai is now experiencing influx of populations from all over the world, some willing to stay there permanently and others temporarily. The tourism sector has given an aiding hand towards the budget of the city of Dubai. Being the safest city in the Middle East, many people have sought refuge in the country in fear of political tensions, civil wars and intercommunity clashes.

The geographical appearance and position of the city attracts many tourists from all parts of the world. The nature of the city has made it to act as a centre for diversity of the people, culture and experiences. This diversity has lifted the city’s ladder of business, justifying the nick name of the city as the business hub of Africa (Thiel, 2008, p. 41). The geographical aspects are the ones contributing to the mix of communities in the city. It has been reported that people wish to explore the city at very young ages.

Kids who happen to visit the city enjoy themselves through sledding hill by the use of rubber tubes and toboggans, where they bundle up in pastel colored snow clothes. Tall buildings are accessed by the use of comfortable and safe ski lifts. The beaches of this city are described as ‘‘bring your own towel’’ types because signs are in English, Arabic and Russian designs. Dubai is perceived as a third world racing to overtake the first world. It is a city that is surviving in dusty, garbage strewn and hidden neighborhood which is undocumented.

Following the friendly environment, nomadic Durban’s live in shacks and shanties behind condos. They have been nicknamed as bidoun, implying a person without passports, without a country and without national identification. However, this cream of society contribute magnificently to the national building, as some of them serve as low level police officers, contributing to the welfare of the city economically and socially. Within the city, there is an area where it is believed possible to spot the old Dubai. This is the museum of the city, called the Dubai museum.

The museum is housed in an old fortress. This is a funny zone in which people interact to the highest levels possible. It is considered funny because it encompasses all styles of life with mannequins of tea hawkers, carpenters, spice workers and hookah smokers. It is a place that makes people to feel ancient. The food store within this area is composed of carnation condensed milk, Libby’s canned pineapple and tide detergents. The presence of this ancient foods and exhibits makes people feel that they were in the days before the discovery of oil, which was Dubai in the early 1960s.

The future of this city is deemed bright and prosperous. This assumption is based on the way the city is adopting innovative and inventive ideologies. The high manpower and quality of the man power promises a stable future. The size of the economy gives hope to investors not only now, but also in the years to come. The world is joining the country to shape its future through participation in economic pillars of the city. Grabbing large population to act as the city’s customers and clients means that the world is building the city.

The population influx from the neighborhoods and other parts of the world indicates that the world can see hope in the city for the days to come (Amin, 1997, p. 26). Since the geographical configuration of a nation can hardly change, the city will remain an attraction center for many years. This implies that the tourism sector will keep on expanding and thus push the economy forward. The strategies used by the investors give a healthy promise of good performance of the economy and welfare of the city generally.

Products from the city competes the rest of the world in both quality and quantity. It has therefore the learned principles of mass production at low costs, low profitability but large sales. Trade can only be deterred or accelerated by the pricing of the commodities in question for it is related to chasing away customers. Buyers around the globe consider Dubai a fair dealer in business work because of the fair prices they brand their commodities. Through this spirit, the city ends up selling more, earning less profits.

When the low profits are accumulated at a high frequency, excellence in the margin of profits is arrived at (Crabtree, 2007, p. 10). The above arguments about the trust in future of the city of Dubai are however not automatic. This is because the world is very dynamic and challenging in all horizons and fields. As we witness the economy of the city flourish, it can also take very short duration to collapse. For one, the global economy is characterized by high competition. Entrepreneurs around the globe must be thinking day and night on how to contain the challenges posed in the market by Dubai.