The tourism and commercial capital

It is globally recognized as the tourism and commercial capital which is the most sophisticated, cosmopolitan and futuristic. The city is being regarded as something of a unique phenomenon. It is the fastest growing in terms of foreign population in the world composed of Muslim society which has developed harmony successfully through ethnic diversity. It is a city with architectural ambition and unrivalled levels of economic energy. It is a city where architectural and modern stunning skyscrapers stretch alongside beautiful structures of Arabic tradition.

The attractions and experiences in the city are varied and numerous. They range from rich exotic, Arabian heritage to miles of immaculate beautiful white sandy beaches, from lively international nightclubs, restaurants and bars to awe inspiring majesty of the desert. Visitors to this city are always assured of an incredible experience which they can not forget in their lives. In 2003, Conde Nast Traveler magazine conducted a survey in which Dubai emerged the safest holiday destination all over the world.

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Despite this argument, Dubai is even today recognized as one of the safest cities in the world (Luxner, 2001, p. 37). The environment of the city is crime free because the Dubai police ensure personal security and safety. Serious crimes are subjected to high degrees of severe punishment. Offences that are considered serious are usually related to drugs and alcohol. The economy of the city of Dubai is service driven. This means that services ranging from banking to telecommunication are efficiently and abundantly offered.

Industrialization and international trade are accelerated through specialist free trade zones, offshore status and provision of favorable taxation advantages. The city has involved itself in innovative projects such as Dubai Internet City and the foundation of Dubai Media City. These projects have brought the 21st century technological and innovative advancements in the world’s very first free zone which is committed to the adoption of E-business, the City of Dubai (Smith, 2000, p. 45).

Having realized that there is large international influx to the city, many entrepreneurs have concentrated on accommodation issues, guaranteeing visitors comfortable accommodation facilities. The accommodation agents offer everything ranging from shared accommodation, luxury apartments to private villas. There is a lot of rationality in relocation of houses so as to fit lifestyle and budgetary requirements. The reason as to why the city is an international centre for companies and workers is that the citizens enjoy purchases at tax free prices.

Job opportunities in the country are plentiful and diversified, especially after the addition of internet and media cities. The city is therefore expanding its horizons at unrivalled rate. The night life within the city is quite excellent with typical Irish pubs, themed bars, wine bars and cocktail bars, all of which offer entertainment and food as well. In many restaurants, high standard international cuisine is provided. For lively evening entertainment, numerous night clubs are available with fair accommodation requirements.

Some of the major clubs within the city attract international singers and DJs. There are also Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern nightclubs which offer entertainment. The city welcomes international entertainment and international touring acts, catering for all ages and tastes from opera to international rock and pop bands, from traditional theatre groups to ballet and from low to high status. The first indoor ski resort in the Middle East is found in this city and is referred to as Ski Dubai.

By considering the above attributes of this city, it would be logical to argue that the factors that have made this town famous and prosperous are many and diversified. Growth of any city is given a big push by its relative economic ability. This is because it serves as the gear or the source of power through financing not only economic activities but also political, social and cultural aspirations. The economy of this city is one of the rapidly growing and expanding economies around the globe. Many investors have moved their business premises to the nation because of the investment climate prevailing in the city.