Statistical analysis

The quantitative method of study is likable in the sense that outcomes are composed from widely comparable experience. The data gathering is usually done by surveying and the findings are processed through statistical analysis. In this case, it can be assumed and understood that knowledge and facts are objective. Furthermore, it pivots on the assumption that complex problems can only be understood if it is studied into simpler components. In doing so, the researcher is looking for general laws established in the study subjects whenever it exists.

The qualitative methods will be used in the report includes the following: Qualitative interviews in the form of semi-structured questionnaires; for a potential investor and real estate Agent, REIT “Real Estate Investment Trust” which help in promote a greater liquidity, DSCA” Dubai Securities and Commodities Authorises”, DFM “Dubai Financial Market”, DDCI “Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry” which real estate price index could be found, and Real Estate Finance “Islamic bank – Dubai Islamic Band and Conventional Bank such as HSBC”.

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The research through a series of interviews was also conducted to provide the author with the essential information, which will help the author formulate the basic research indications required for the primary research. It is, the most important, the secondary data that supplies the invaluable cultural, historical, political, commercial and legislative backgrounds of the case. Case study combining different methods to compile a holistic understanding, by taking one case study which explains the financial structural.

A case study entail a single unit of analysis, such as a corporation or a group of workers, an occasion, a method or even an individual, which involves collecting detailed information on the units of analysis, often over a prolonged period of time, and then you can obtain in-depth knowledge An in depth analysis of Dubai’s current economic, political, cultural, social and currency strata and the current market trends was studied together with Dubai’s historical background through a literature review in order to fully facilitate the knowledge base in investing in Dubai.

The consideration of entry mode and a set of tactical steps for setting up entry strategies, for foreign investment Dubai’s real estate industry, based on literature reviewed about Dubai’s History and literature on marketing and investing strategies, do develop a practical guide in investing in the real estate industry of Dubai and general investing tips.

The review of literature will also involve a study of risks involved in investing. The types of risk involved if one will choose to invest in Dubai and what should be taken into consideration when investing, like rate of return, market structure and liquidity, also the problems that one may encounter when acquiring property in Dubai, what is required by the government and such.