Recruiting program

The major part of the recruiting program, for non-specialized positions at least, may be directed toward young graduates of generalized institutions of higher education. In this event, promotional avenues will have to be kept clear, training opportunities must be generous, and some limits must necessarily be placed on freedom of competition from persons outside the service–at least for better paid and more responsible positions as they become vacant 9. The more specialized the work of the department concerned, the more the and Public Policy.

(Longman. 2001) 308. 7. Ibid, 6-7. 8. Attewell, P. , Rothstein, J. , Rothstein, R. Merit, Testing and Opportunity. The American Prospect, 11 (September 25, 2000): 19. civil service agency is disposed to look to the operating department to do much of the actual recruitment 9. Likewise in recruiting for an entire departmental staff the civil service agency is likely to do most of the recruitment for clerical and rank-and-file positions and to rely on the department to search out personnel for technical and professional services. Career progression should involve individual appraisal and counseling.

However, care should be taken to avoid giving staff too long or over ambi¬tious career expectations. If these expectations cannot be fulfilled, staff may become disillusioned and frustrated. The process of implementing the tools may also increase citizens’ support for the new system, and increase the political popularity of human services, through citizen participation in improving their effectiveness. A system of collaborative adjustment, in consequence, just might offer human services that are more effective and politically popular than they are under the existing system10.

Community partnerships, however, is more interested in developing an array of family-centered services and supports that may cost more (than the services that some families already receive from the existing system. Debates over these types of issues by a broad base of state and community stakeholders who agree to try to achieve a set of outcome goals for children and families nevertheless have constructive potential, because they entail discussions about the best means to achieve concrete goals11.

Modern examinations usually consist of some combination of a statement of education and experience, which is graded and scored, a written examination, and an oral test. Supplementary to this for special types of positions may be original published material or an original thesis written for the examination, a physical examination, an investigation of US Merit System Protection Board, 2007. 04 June 2007 10. Ibid 11. Dresang, Dennis L. Public Personal Management and Public Policy. (Longman.

2001) 8-10. character or personal fitness, or a performance test 12. The physical examination or a certificate of health is customarily required for positions involving the performance of manual labor. In some jurisdictions it is part of all examinations. The requirement is commonly made also in situations where absence of age restrictions or the existence of liberal pension and sickness provisions makes this an advisable precaution for reasons of economy. Any or all of the components of the examination may be given weight in the final score.

Data which are submitted by candidates on their education and experience may or may not be verified and references may or may not be secured, although reference sources are almost always required on civil service applications13. While the general public and candidates for civil service positions are under the impression that educational records of candidates are always verified and references consulted by the examining agency, in common practice this kind of “follow-up” is often omitted, particularly where large numbers of people are being examined.

Owing to the perfunctory nature of many replies, results are often incommensurate with the effort and expense of securing them 14. Every state has a Merit System Board which usually consists of 5 members and appointed for a fours year term. “The Merit System Board is an unbiased, independent body that hears and rules on appeals filed by State, county, and municipal merit system employees, candidates for employment, and appointing authorities”15.

Management succession planning aims to ensure that a sufficient supply of appropriately qualified and capable men and women. New Jersey Department of Personal. 04 June 2007 2007 http://www. state. nj. us/personnel/msb/index. htm>