One-To-One Interviews

As it concerned the one-to-one interviews, eight senior analysts, six lecturers in the postgraduate business schools of three Nigerian universities, from the International Business and Economics department were presented with the case before hand and subsequently interviewed.

The other two interviewees were from the company and they have vast experience in the company’s international business transactions. The obvious reason for the inclusion of these participants is attributable to their vast experience and knowledge in the area of international business enterprises and activities. The next chapter presents the research analysis and findings based on the data obtained.

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This part of the research will try to present the findings obtained through application of the research methodology via the single case study approach. As specified in the research methodology chapter, data collection will include both primary and secondary data. Primary data has been obtained through the conduct of two set of focus group interviews and three face-to-face interviews. The primary sources of secondary data are archival records, databases, internet sites and market surveys.

In order to obtain a well rounded analysis, a case study and an inclusive abstract are included to facilitate this research. The former was presented to the respondents for the development of discussion at both the focus group interviews and in two of the three face-to-face interviews, while the latter was included to highlight and emphasize TopicalCare’s company strategy and business philosophy. The third face to face interview was conducted with TopicalCare’s Executive Director responsible for international business.

The case study serves as a catalyst to draw judgments and analysis from the respondents. It enabled respondents to appreciate and develop reasonable arguments with the help of theory, as it relates to TopicalCare and the Nigerian Pharmaceuticals industry. This chapter begins by stating the conflicting views of the different respondent that took part in the interview sessions. And with the help of the case study approach, this research seeks answers to the specified research questions below.